Fundraising for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Schools/P&C -- Community Centres -- Churches -- Sporting Clubs

We believe that a community is only as strong as its weakest links. Strong and vibrant communities make sure no falls through the cracks. Some say: that's the responsibility of government - but that's only partially true. Luckily, there are many people who care enough to make a real difference, to mobilise others and to help when someone has hit a rough patch.

One of our goals here at Harvest Hub is to give back to the communities that we serve - in a number of different ways:

Fundraising using Harvest Hub

If you are a not-for-profit group such as a Church, Community Centre, school P&C, Scout/Girl Guide group, sport club, etc, you can raise thousands of dollars per year simply by setting up and running a Hub. If you have undercover space with access and a couple of volunteers to pack the bags, you'll receive $4 for every bag. If you have 20 families in the Hub, that equates to $80 per week - or $4,000 per year. Straight into your organisation's bank account.

What could be more convenient than for members to pick up their order around school or sport pick-up? And knowing that they're helping, just by eating healthy food!

Want to know more? Call us on 1300 799 185, or email us at with FUNDRASING in the Subject Line, and we will call you shortly.


OzHarvest delivers over 250,000 free meals a month across Sydney. Food is sourced from hundreds of food outlets - wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and takeaway outlets - and turned into free meals that feed homeless and marginalised groups in our communities. Harvest Hub provides between 100Kg and 200Kg of fresh fruit and veg to OzHarvest each week. These are leftovers as well as produce that did not meet our quality standards (but perfectly good to cook meals from). Check out for more information about the great work they do.

Local charities

Many Hubs have set up arrangements with local charities, ranging from meals-on-wheels and the Salvo's Soup Kitchen to local churches and community centres. In many cases, the Hubs purchase an extra bag for someone who is doing it tough. Someone may have just lost a job, a mother has been diagnosed with cancer and is going through chemotherapy, a fire destroyed the family home, or the father unexpectedly dies - these are all real stories affecting real people. It's at times like these that communities pull together and look after kids, cook meals, make sure there is enough to eat - and Harvest Hub helps where possible, either directly or by mobilising Hub members.

How can members help?

Talk to your Hubster and other Hub members, and identify one or more local charities who can help you channel any spare food. Or perhaps you know a local family who is doing it tough for no fault of their own. A basic supply of fruit & veg can go a long way.

How do you generate spare fruit & veg? Here are 3 ways:

  • Sponsor a group or individual listed on the order page - for example Cook Me Happy who teach basic cooking skills to low-income families to reduce their reliance on take-away food), or The Dish who cook 2 meals a week for a group of homeless people in Hornsby. At any given time, we have 5-10 worthy and local causes to which you can donate $1 or more. Harvest Hub matches donations dollar-for-dollar - so just $15 worth of donations will get someone who might be struggling with cancer or a death of a breadwinner with basic food supply. If you have never lived on the edge, it is hard to imagine how much difference this can make for a family that is doing it tough.
  • When a member is away in a week but forgets to cancel their standing order, they will be charged just 70% of the cost of the order (in effect, Harvest Hub contributes 30%) - and the fruit & veg is made available to the local charity. Some members, when they go away, elect to leave their order in place for just this purpose (but please do tell us and your Hubster when you do).
  • A third way to generate charity food is to set up a dedicated box at the Hubster's in which members can place anything they don't really need that week.

You see, lots of ways to help without it costing the earth!

Harvest Hub: great food that doesn't cost the earth