How does it work?

The process is simple:

  1. Join a Hub
  2. Place your initial order
  3. Pick up fresh, healthy food on your pick up day

As a group we give to families in distress. Find out how...

STEP 1 - Join a Hub

Go to website and see left side JOIN NOW. Enter your address and postcode, Submit and a map comes up. Then look for GREEN circle, locate the nearest Hub to your home, work or where you usually travel to during the week. Select by 'Make this My Hub' Follow process for Registration using a debit or credit card. This registers your card for payment for orders so make sure that this is kept up to date. If a payment declines you will be charged $4.50 for every recharge that declines. When completed you will receive a Welcome email with all Hub details, login details and membership Rules.

Welcome you will now be a member of a group making change to the way we purchase our food and know you are supporting Australian growers.

STEP 2 - Place your initial order

Orders are placed online. All products show up to date pricing, quantities, growing region and seasonal availability. Only produce in season are shown. Check out our Bag Types: Value Bags & Custom Bags

Each Saturday at 8am

We publish 'What's in the bag?' for the week ahead together with specials, new products and recipes. Value Bag prices are locked in for the week. Orders close 2 days prior to your pick-up day. It is your responsibility to cancel bags not wanted and check dates selected are correct.

Before Pick up day – drop at least two insulated stand up, name labelled produce bags to your Hub for packing your produce into.

STEP 3 - On your pick-up day

You swing by your local Hubster and collect your order. Ordering fortnightly or suspending a bag (up to 8 weeks at a time) can be done online.



Read more: Maintaining your order & How to Cancel Orders