Hub locations and service area

The map below shows in which areas we currently have Hubs (green), and in which areas we are happy to accept new Hubs (yellow). The green and yellow areas make up our coverage area. The red area is not currently serviced, but you may still register your interest. That way, we can focus on areas with the greatest interest - and we can notify you as soon as your postcode is within our coverage boundaries.

The coverage area is current as at September 2013.

coverage area September 2013

Most Hubs are in the triangle between Sydney Airport, St Mary's and Berowra, and cover:

  • Northern Beach
  • Upper and Lower North Shore
  • Hills District
  • North-west and western Sydney
  • Inner West, CBD and eastern Suburbs

The area we would like to expand into is southern and south-west Sydney - anywhere south of the line between the airport and Parramatta.

To suggest a new hub

Click on the map to start the registration process. When you've entered your address details, an interactive map appears. If there is no hub near where you live or work, you can suggest a Hub by clicking on the area where you'd like to see one. Just follow the prompts on the screen.

You can now get others in your neighbourhood to join. When the Hub has at least 7 prospective members and a Hubster, we will contact you to get the Hub underway: decide on delivery and pick-up day & time, start date, complete registration, etc.

Most Hubs take 4-6 weeks to set up - but it can be done in as little as 2 weeks, especially if you use social media and are in an area with a strong community spirit.