Select and join a hub

When you join, you will be presented with an interactive map to find out where your nearest Hub is, and if it has any places left.

  • Green dots represent existing Hubs with one or more vacancies.
  • Orange dots mean: Hubs in progress. Register your interest, and as soon as 8 members have joined, you will receive an email with start date and other Hub details.
  • Full Hubs are shown as red dots. We're showing them because you might want to join one when someone leaves your favourite Hub.

The map will show the approximate location of the Hubs (not the actual address), the weekly pick-up day and time, and the number of vacancies. Your most convenient Hub may be the one closest to where you live, but could also be close to your kids' school, near your workplace or on your way home from work.

If you are interested in home delivery, please join your nearest Hub and in your registration, tick the Home Delivery box. We will call you within 24 hours (weekdays) to arrange a delivery day & time.

Shown below are the current Hub locations (September 2013).

coverage area September 2013