A day in the life of a Hubster

It’s 6am on a Wednesday. It’€™s dark.

Everyone else in Alia’€™s family is asleep as she creeps out the front door, clutching 2 cups of tea.

Ready for packing

Todd, the Harvest Hub driver, has already delivered all the fruit and veg for the 15 members of Alia€’s Hub. Now it’€™s time to pack the bags…

“€œI pack between 6 and 7.15am, Alia explains. €It’€™s great because it fits so easily into my family routine and even though it is early I really enjoy the peace and quiet while I’€™m packing. I get to watch my street come to life.

I first joined Harvest Hub nearly three and a half years ago, and I’€™ve been a Hubster for two years. The reduction in our grocery bill made a big difference to our family. Harvest Hub is definitely one of the things that has meant I could stay at home with my kids for longer.”€

Packing, packing, packing

Alia’€™s Hub provides a charity bag for a local family who are struggling. “The charity bag is one my favourite things about my Hub. People are really generous with what they contribute, as are Harvest Hub, and I love knowing that we are making someone’€™s life a little bit easier. At Christmas everyone donates tins of food and we make up a hamper as well. It gives us all a lovely sense of community.”

According to Alia, being a Hubster also gives a voyeuristic look at what other families eat.

The order list and cups of tea… everything Alia needs to pack!

“€œI find it really interesting to see what other people order. Everyone thinks their fruit and veg order is normal but people actually choose a very diverse range of food. It’€™s really inspired me with my food choices too -€“ so many of our food habits are handed down from our parents and seeing what other people buy pushes me to make the best and healthiest choices for my kids and to try new things.

I also love having the opportunity to check out new products as soon as they become available. I saw the amazing  ‘€˜Stir-fry Pack’€™ when I was packing a few weeks ago and now it has become a regular purchase for my family. It was just such good value.”€

All done!

Despite the early start Alia loves packing. “It’€™s a quiet time, by myself, which is pretty hard to come by when you have young kids,” she explains.

“€œI love that I’€™m active while I’€™m doing it. I put the radio on, drink my tea and enjoy the sunrise.

I’m sure I could pack a little faster but, to be honest, I’€™m pretty groggy when I get started and I like not having to rush. I do make sure that I am always finished in time to sit down with a cuppa before I get started on the kids lunches and getting everyone out the door to preschool and school!”

Time for a quick cuppa before starting on the kid’s lunches…

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