Harvest Hub was founded in early 2009 by husband and wife team Jayne Travers-Drapes and Anton van den Berg. They live in Wherrol Flat on a farm with a fluffy puppy dog and commute to Sydney.

We are passionate about two main things: Supporting local & Australian farmers and our Harvest Hub community giving back to those members neighbours who have moments of distress. As a group we have amazing Harvest Hub Team members and volunteer Hubsters together with like-minded members all wanting to make a difference to our food supply system.

Local community focus

The Harvest Hub concept of ‘good value, fresh and flavoursome produce, picked up from your local Hub’ is now well established. The business is serious about two ideas:

  • Having seen the amount of produce routinely trucked from interstate, or flown in from overseas, Harvest Hub became a promoter of eating what’s in season, and buying and selling local produce in order to cut down on food miles. It started cultivating relations with local growers, understanding what challenges they were facing – and anticipating what produce would be ready for harvest over the coming weeks. This enables Harvest Hub to secure supplies, as well as provide growers with the certainty of obtaining a fair price for their produce.


  • Witnessing local community groups work in action helping the less fortunate, we have become passionate about giving back to the local community – and share this passion with our members. Excess fruit and veg is given to groups who cook free meals for homeless people – from the Salvo’s and Exodus to OzHarvest. Many Hubs started helping local families in need by donating spare fruit & veg, or purchasing an extra bag, or raising money to fund local charity work. For more information, please see Community


With any new product we source, we aim to stay true to our principles:

  • Sourced locally, from smaller Australian-owned suppliers (but we’ve made a few concessions, in most cases because there are no local equivalents)
  • Great ‘old-fashioned’ flavour
  • Fewer ‘baddies’ like sugar, saturated fat, artificial things, as well as chemical additives
  • More ‘goodies’ like dietary fibre, unsaturated fat, complex carbohydrates
  • Great value
  • Available for pick-up through your local Hub