Baby turnips… a cunning plan indeed!

Lovers of Blackadder will know that his dung-covered man-servant Baldrick‘s ambition in life ‘is the acquisition of turnips’. Of course back in the 1700’s food – any food – was in short supply and so turnips were highly desirable.

From the onset of the industrial revolution the humble turnip went into terminal decline from which is never quite recovered… that is until the Grima brothers (baby vegetable specialists from the Sydney basin) brought out the baby turnip!

Super sweet to taste, baby turnips are low in saturated fat and cholesterol yet high in calcium, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals including manganese,potassium,vitamin B6, vitamin C.

Far from being considered food for lower classes and servants, baby turnips are now highly fancied by upmarket restaurants for their incredibly sweet taste.

Baby turnips are delicious when sauted -€“ put a dash of virgin olive oil in a frying pan and put over medium heat. When hot add turnip, stir to coat and then add two tablespoons of water. Cover with lid to sauted, and cook for roughly 20 minutes.

You can also grate them and pop them in to patties, or eat them raw as part of a salad. And they will last for at least 2 weeks when stored in a crisper.

Suddenly joining Baldrick in the €˜turnip workhouse seems like a cunning plan indeed!


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