Bag Types

Bag Types

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How the Bags Work

Only items showing are seasonal.

When you login, usually after Sat 8am (depends when you register) on left after you have registered with Harvest Hub see Change your Order.

If selected a Value Bag you will see the Value bag. If custom order and not filled it yet it will be empty – fill it.

ALWAYS when finished customising a Value Bag or Custom order select Save & Summary then wait for a screenshot of your order.  You are charged for order midnight of cut-off so have funds available. If default there is a $4.50 recharge fee.

This copy of your order goes into your PAST ORDERS at midnight of delivery day.



There are two types of bags – Value Bag & Custom Bag

Value Bag – 

This is published every Saturday at 8am. Prices are held for the whole week for all Hubs.

The Value Bag is great if you forget to customize order so you know you will get something.

  • Contents are seasonal & change weekly
  • It repeats each week unless you cancel the order.
  • You can customise it.  Add or subtract. It is not based on Number of items but OVERALL weight range of the bag Numbers are an indication ONLY.
  • You can ALWAYS INCLUDE or ALWAYS EXCLUDE (see left panel of login) but what you see is seasonal. So, check the list every so often. Use Ctl key to highlight. This is explained on the page. So there are no limits as to how many excludes or   includes you make.


SMALL BAG  [1 - 2 people $35 - $39 Weight range 6 - 8 kg]

SMALL BAG  1 – 2 people   $35 – $39 Weight range 6 – 8 kg





MEDIUM 3 - 4 people $45 - $49 Weight range 8 -10kg

MEDIUM 3 – 4 people         $45 – $49 Weight range 8 -10kg



Large bag edited

LARGE 5 – 6 people             $55 – $59 weight range 11 – 13kg














Please note the Value Bag items are based on the overall weight of the bag not the individual items – it’s in a ‘cooperative style divvy’. The number of items you see on order page are a guide. Why? Because naturally grown produce comes in different sizes.

Custom bag 

  • If you select this you get what you want.
  • It repeats each week BUT you must login each week to update it as produce is seasonal.
  • If you cancel a week it empties the bag.
  • It repeats EMPTY until you login and fill it again.