Banana Growers – what happens when a storm hits

See what happens when storms hit

Banana Growers – what happens when a storm hits.

Banana Growers at Coffs Harbour were smashed last weekend, with some banana growers losing all or part of their trees.  That’s a big blow: it takes about 8-9 months to re-grow the runners and have fruit ready to harvest.

For once, the show is on the other foot: over the past 10 years, North-Queensland banana growers have been wiped out twice in the last

decade: first in 2006 (cyclone Larry) and then again in 2011 (cyclone Yasi).

In 2014, cyclone Ita threatened for a while before it was downgraded to a category 4 storm.

During both cyclone disasters, Coffs Harbour growers (as well as growers in Carnarvon in WA) did stiff business when bananas retailed for well over $10 a Kg.

As Coffs Harbour accounts for less than 10% of national banana volume, and as not all growers have been impacted, we’re not expecting significant price movements.  So, Coffs bananas will at times suffer from limited availability.



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