Broad Beans preparation

Broad Beans Preparation


How to prepare Broad Beans


Young broadbeans go hand-in-hand with spring lamb and daffodils. They have a relatively short season (Oct – mid-Nov), after which time they are still around but can get a little tougher.

Slice open the outer skin to reveal the pods on the inside. Take out the pods and discard the outer skin.  Most recipes will tell you to also take off the outside skin of each pod, but we only choose young broadbeans which are tender even with the skin left on. So don’t bother.

They can be eaten raw, as a snack. Or you can sautee them in some butter or oil.  Add a little garlic, season et voila. Or add broadbeans to some crunchy bacon, onion or leek – and then add cream and a splash of white wine. Serve with pasta and crunchy bread. Or add them to your favourite tomato sauce, and serve over pasta or rice.

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