Brussels sprouts – the world’€™s most hated veggie?

It would seem that that the world can be divided in to two groups – people who love Brussels Sprouts and everyone else.

Repeatedly voted the world’s most hated vegetable, people do tend to have VERY strong opinions on the humble sprout. But are they deserved?

Back in the day, the main cook in the home tended to cook Brussels sprouts by boiling them (not the best method – it makes them mushy and bitter) and then inflicted them on reluctant children.

Things have come a long way since then – the varieties that are around now are less bitter and people have become more creative about how they cook their sprouts (try baked, sauted with bacon and garlic, or steamed with a drop of soya sauce).

One thing your folks did have right was that Brussels sprouts are good for you. They’€™re high in fibre, protein, Vitamin C and K and are believed to protect against cancer.

So maybe it’s time to give them another go!

The season is just starting so why not check out some recipes and see if the humble sprout surprises you – but whatever you do don’€™t boil them!

Tell us your best or worst sprout experience.


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