Choi Sum Damaged

Choi Sum Damaged

Choi Sum damaged Simon and Gary Chong in Leppington

The storms let rip on Friday.

On Friday morning, we saw Simon and Gary Chong in Leppington to check out the Choi Sum that we wanted to have in this week’s Value box. It all looked great, until ‘that storm’ came through late on Friday. Within 15 minutes, the storm had flattened a large part of the crops.

The extent of the damage became clear when the brothers trawled through the paddocks: most of the Choi Sum was shredded and smashed by rain and hail – along with parsley, Chinese broccoli and coriander.


They rang around other growers to try and source Choi Cum – but there wasn’t much around.

Good news

However, some baby buk choi had survived – and the rest they managed to get from neighbouring farms.

So this week’s Chinese vegetable, Choi Sum, will be replaced by baby buk choi instead.

The damaged greens will be ploughed into the ground, and they expect to have choi sum ready for picking around mid-March.

Please do share this story as we’d like everyone to know the challenges in farming and just how lucky we are to have farmers like this who battle on regardless.

A Tale of Two Worlds

A Tale of Two Worlds

What happens when you make it Convenient & Cheap

What happens when you make it Convenient & Cheap

Almost a quarter of our country’s children and 63 per cent of the adult population is overweight.

So what does being overweight mean for us individually?


Major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions, some cancers and can hamper the ability to control or manage chronic disorders. Simple: If you eat proportionally and exercise daily we keep fit.

Fast food The Tale of Two Worlds in Sydney. The reality of making Fast Food Convenient, Placement of McDonald’s restaurants in Sydney. In the western area of Sydney there is 1 McDonald’s for 24,000 residents and in the Eastern area of Sydney 1 McDonald’s for every 49,000 residents.


Check out your Body Mass Index – it’s all about a balanced diet and exercise.


Portion control, food choice, planning small good meals/snacks, then a must exercise everyday.

Try these ideas:

  1. Walk 20minutes out and 20 minutes back.
  2. If sitting all day set the timer to get up every 40 minutes and walk around for 5 minutes. That means at least 7 times a day and that’s 35 minutes of walking!
  3.  20 minute Blaster. 5 minute warm up walk/stretch, then 2 minutes high speed walk/run, 2 minutes slow walk/run, 2 minutes high speed walk/run, 2 minutes slow walk/run, 2 minutes high speed walk/run, 2 minutes slow walk/run. 2 minutes of weights, 1 minute stretch.


What happens when you make it Convenient & Cheap

What happens when you make it Convenient & Cheap?

Fruit & Veg Month Celebration

Fruit & Veg Month Celebration

September 2014 celebrated with Healthy Kids Association and Health NSW

Singing about seasonal fruits

Singing the ‘World Food Rap’

Beresford Road Public School

At Beresford Road Public School the Year 5 and 6 run the Harvest Hub each week doing a divvy of fruit, veg and groceries into Harvest Hub bags which their teachers and parents pick up every Tuesday from the school. This gives the children the opportunity to touch and get to know local seasonal produce. They also learn to work as a team and take

Doing the Divvy

Doing the Divvy

responsibility for the Hub. It provides endless conversation about sustainability and food security at the school and taking these conversations home. What a great way to inspire these children to become informed consumers!

Early Start

This week started with an early start 5am for Beresford Road Public School on Tuesday. Celebration F & V MonthWe were there to celebrate Fruit and Veg Month with Healthy Kids Association with whom Harvest Hub put Food Hubs into Primary Schools in order to encourage healthy eating.

Channel 9 Today Show

Channel 9 TODAY show came and filmed the children packing their Harvest Hub bags, kiwi and spoon race and over & under melon race. Steve Jacob’s was fabulous. Getting the message out about healthy food choices and access to mostly local food. Thanks to all the parents, children and teachers from Beresford Road Public School for participating and a big shout out to Jane from Harvest Hub for organising the event. Well done all.

Write up in the local paper

There was a great write up in the Parramatta Sun about the day.

Support local bee producers?

Support local bee producers?

Bees pollinate around 70% of the fruit and vegetables, whilst our birds (even the Cockatoos play a role here cracking open seeds) ABC RN discussion Friday 22 August 2014 where they mention the role of birds in polination.

Bees dropping off

It seems that due to the number of bees dropping off some of our major suppliers are importing from Turkey what they call “honey”, as was the case with Bera Foods brand, Hi Honey which showed to contain C4 sugar, that is likely to be corn syrup.

Local Beekeepers

So the upshot here is to buy local and support those keepers who are making the effort to produce. They may be slightly more expensive but well worth keeping them in business Bees at the Boxand maintaining the colonies of bees that we have and the integrity of the honey industry like the Wollemi Honey we provide from the Wollemi National Park.