Coffee roasting beans & blends – Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance Organic coffee

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Under coffee trees

A simple bean growing inside a berry on a tree high up in the mountains – a place where you need to catch your breath the air is so thin. This Coffee Planter proudly talks of these special fruit that has an amazing seed inside – the coffee bean. His Arabica is grown in this high altitude and produces the gourmet style coffees.

Fruit on tree with coffee beans insideDan & Joanne Fitzsimmons back in 1991 were frustrated that they could not get fresh roasted

in Sydney and started a Roastery and Espresso bar roasting their own using an air drying method to roast the coffee resulting in an all round roast. They went on to win in 2012 a Gold medal at the Hobart Fine Food awards. This is seriously great tasting coffee.

Coffee roaster coffee is packed in a one way valve and resealable zip lock bags. Why? They squeeze out the attacking forces (airbourne contaminants and reactants like moisture, odours, oxygen, microbes) and zip the bag closed. Pop into the fridge to keep out the heat and light.

The cafe in Glebe is a showcase for coffee roasting and they take tours showing the steps that result in a fine tasting cup of coffee.

They have both Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance but let’s understand what this meanCoffee Roaster cafes.

Fair Trade is designed to tackle poverty and empower producers in the world’s poorest countries, giving them a guaranteed price for their products. The Rainforest Alliance certification focuses on how farms are managed and aim at halting the destruction of the rainforests by providing solutions to the problem of deforestation rather than just raising awareness.  Actually planting trees, “soil and water conservation; the protection of wildlife and forests; planning and monitoring; responsible waste management; and the prohibition of dangerous pesticides and genetically modified organisms.”

Let’s take a tour and see what are the steps for roasting?

Hessian bags of beans

Hessian bags of beans from all over the world.

Beans are on the top floor awaiting their journey to roasting

Green Beans are on the top floor awaiting their journey to roasting


The beans then drop down into this Roaster.

Roaster at work

Air dry Roaster at work

Finished Roasted Beans

Finished Roasted Beans



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