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Harvest Hub Wk 1734

The Value bag is based on total Value Bag weight range and the total weight of the bag.

Value Bag list shows a number of items per produce which are an indication only. ie:  We sample a size to make up the Value Bag. So for example, 3 tomatoes if  they are bigger at your Hub than our sample size then you will get fewer. If they are smaller than our sample size you will get more but the overall total weight range of the bag is correct. 


WEEK 1734 the 22-25th August, 2017

TypeFamilyVariant Small Bag Medium BagLarge
Where it was grown
Customise bags1 - 2 people
$35 - $39
Weight range
6 - 8 kg
3 - 4 people
$45 - $49
Weight range
8 -10kg
5 - 6
$55 - $59
weight range
11 - 13kg
FruitApplesSundowner345Tumbarumba, NSW
FruitApplesPink Lady446Orange, NSW
FruitBananasCavendish456Coffs Harbour, NSW
FruitPearsJosephine234Shepparton, VIC
FruitRockmelonMedium011Griffiths, NSW
VegBeans00's gms345Lockyer Valley, QLD
VegBroccoliShoots345Wilberforce, NSW
VegCapsicumsRed234Clybucca, NSW
VegCarrotsLoose345Robinvale, VIC
VegCauliflowerRegular111Wilberforce, NSW
VegChinese vegChinese Broccoli111Leppington, NSW
VegLettuceBaby Cos111Richmond, NSW
VegSweet PotatoesKumera123Bundaberg, QLD

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