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Current Value Bag 

Harvest Hub Wk 1812

The Value bag is based on total Value Bag weight range and the total weight of the bag.

Value Bag list shows a number of items per produce which are an indication only. ie:  We sample a size to make up the Value Bag. So for example, 3 tomatoes if  they are bigger at your Hub than our sample size then you will get fewer. If they are smaller than our sample size you will get more but the overall total weight range of the bag is correct. 

WEEK 1812 the 19 – 23 March 2018  


Also    Current Specials

TypeFamilyVariant Small Bag Medium BagLarge
Where it was grown
Customise bags1 - 2 people
$35 - $39
Weight range
6 - 8 kg
3 - 4 people
$45 - $49
Weight range
8 -10kg
5 - 6
$55 - $59
weight range
11 - 13kg
FruitApplesRed Delicious334Orange, NSW
FruitApplesRoyal Gala466Orange, NSW
FruitBananasCavendish345Woolgoolga, NSW
FruitLemonNew season333Tumut, NSW
FruitNectarinesWhite234Mildura, VIC
FruitPearsPackham234Shepparton, VIC
FruitPlumsAngeleno445Hay NSW
VegCapsicumsRed223Clybucca NSW
VegCarrotsLoose345Robinvale, VIC
VegChinese vegChoi Sum111Leppington NSW
VegHerbsRocket (Bunch)111Leppington NSW
VegPotatoesDesiree345Wilberforce, NSW
VegSilverbeetRegularHalf11Horsley Park, NSW
VegSweet PotatoesKumera234Bundaberg, QLD
VegTomatoesRoma345Bowraville, NSW
VegZucchinisGreen234Horsley Park, NSW


2 thoughts on “Current Value Bag

  1. Hi Harvest Hub,

    I love this concept! I just have a question – are the Value Bags the same wherever in Australia you are? That is, will your bag contain produce from farms in Vic, QLD, NSW…? Or will the NSW bags consist of produce from NSW only?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Sidsel,

    Harvest Hub is currently only located in Sydney. Therefore, we aim to purchase as locally as we can. When we eventually move to other centres the same will apply – we will aim to purchase the majority locally from farmers and manufacturers. Some grocery items are simply not grown or made in Australia or members have asked for a choice – local and an imported product.

    The produce is of course not stored and comes off the market daily so this means the seasonality of it is important. With this in mind produce is not always available locally and travels around Australia. For example carrots will be in season in Tasmania, then to South Australia then Western Australia then back to the Eastern Seaboard. Strawberries are another example.

    For the Value Bags we are mindful of what is good value, what is in season and what is local. The unique thing with Harvest Hub is you can adapt your Value Bag taking out the things you don’t want and putting in the things you do want. The minimum order currently across produce and groceries being $20 so you can also stay within any budget you might have.

Any thoughts on this subject?