Diabetes a hotspot in Western Sydney

Jayne and Principal of Beresford Road Public School

A Supporter in making change. The Principal at Beresford Road Public School knows how important Fresh Fruit & Veg is for his school – both teachers & families.

Diabetes a hotspot in Western Sydney

Diabetes is on the rise in Western Sydney due to poor food choice and reduced exercise.

This was flagged as an issue in 2013 ‘Western Sydney Diabetes Danger Zone’ and recently Increase by 25% in amputations due to diabetes which leads to other health issues  – especially heart disease.

The Issue put plainly

There is a fresh food desert in the Western Suburbs as grocers close, as supermarkets continue to offer cigarettes, lollies and ‘quick buy’ promo stands next to fresh veg/fruit isles the increase in Diabetes soars.

Sitting in front of computers, television and ‘watching sport’…. any body movement there?

Hoping into the car to go to the shops, driving the kids to school, going to work by transport, sitting at a desk. The short walk to the shops or office is not enough.

Dr Rosemary Stanton has for years been beating the drum – Eat fresh fruit & vegetables – reduce sugar intake.

EAT ‘REAL’ Food. Ask – Is this ‘real’ food? How much sugar is in it? Understanding what the sugars are is a first step in making change in food choices –  About  Sugars

So the alert in 2013 wasn’t enough and now we are part of a NSW Health, Western Sydney Local Health Disctrict initiative to address this and thought some of our Harvest Hub members might like to join in and learn more.

This Monday 21st 21 MARCH 2016 at Bowman Hall, Blacktown City Council, Campbell Street, Blacktown there is a Forum where you can learn more, speak out and hear what is happening about this life threatening issue.

You can become a community ‘take action’ representative.

If you’d like to attend.

1. Go to: http://goo.gl/vtA5ZW
2. Click ‘Register’
3. Select your number of tickets
from the dropdown menu
4. Click ‘Checkout’
5. Complete your registration details





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