Dining not Mining

Dining not Mining

Lock The Gare


Previously we have written about of our speaking at Lock The Gate meeting in Lane Cove about ‘Dining not Mining’.

Biodiversity is essential for our farmers to grow & maintain their crops. So too is giving them clean water, air and land that is safe to grow on.

This is a newspaper article from the ‘Dining Not Mining’ forum we spoke at.

We see, first hand, the devastating toll mining is having on our growing/farmer communities resulting in great benefit for a small few. No matter what your stand on mining please view this summary video of the achievements in 2016 of Lock The Gate – a moment in history – a change perhaps in the way we think.

Lock the Gate video 2016 – Thankyou for your achievements in making change

37.3% of Australia is covered by coal and gas licences and applications. Support Lock the Gate and purchase a calendar. It shows before and after mining shots – what a great way to educate the children and to encourage discussion and passion about our changing environment, weather and what each individual can do to make a change in how they make purchasing choices. It’s time to think deeply and to act openly.

Purchase a Lock the Gate Calendar

Making decisions about how and what we purchase can affect how our environment changes. So we want a hot or cool world? Let’s move to renewable energy quickly so we can leave a better world for our children.


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