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How to Order

How the Custom Bag works.

The Custom bag allows you to choose what you want.

All produce is ‘seasonal’ so items come into season then taken off when out of season. We never offer produce not in season as it is picked the day before for you locally and within a couple of days if elsewhere in Australia. So there is change in some items such as apples, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, snowpeas,  types etc.

Specials change weekly.

If you select things that don’t change regularly and look at the order every so often then the order will be pretty much stay the same each week. Do not select specials. If it goes out of season then it is taken off the list ie if you had Gala apples and the season finished then they will be removed from the order.

If you cancel an order it empties the bag and you need to login next order and fill it.

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Every Friday from around 5.30pm until Saturday 8am the cancel order page and Ordering page is OFFLINE. Over Friday night Anton and Jayne spend the night updating seasonal produce and creating the box based on discussions with our growers. We are pulling off pictures, rewriting descriptions, creating the newsletter and blogs etc.

We publish at 8am Saturday for you to login and customise your orders until the cut-off for your Hub or to cancel orders.


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Is there an annual membership fee?

No there is not.

There is no joining fee. When you sign up you are charged 1c to connect your card with Eway Payment Gateway.

If you can’t see the SAVE button at the bottom of the page you need to do two things:

1. Update your browser

2. Clear your Cache

1. All Browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Torch, Mozilla etc need regular updating.

Alternatively you could also try a few other browsers that are generally considered faster:

  1. Mozilla Firefox (probably the fastest browser around):
  2. Google Chrome:

Our website is compatible with any of these versions.

2. Clear Cache

You might also need to clear your Cache – The reason for clearing your cache and updating your browser regularly.

For clearing cache: on Chrome and Firefox, you can pressing combine : Ctrl+Shift+Delete and select Cache option to delete then press “clear browser cache”

After that Refresh your browser by pressing: Ctrl + F5

LOGIN Harvest Hub

To login for Harvest Hub you need to first REGISTER – JOIN NOW.

You cannot login unless you have joined Harvest Hub.

So, first select your nearest Hub by clicking on JOIN NOW.

Select your Hub and fill in details.

Next step then is to put in credit card or debit card details.

Save and you will be sent a Welcome email confirming your registration.

You can then LOGIN with your details.

Custom Bag order adapted

If you have a Custom bag and choose a Value Bag item from that week ie: carrots in the Value Bag the divvy on numbers of items of the Value Bag applies.  This means they are on weight and sizes of produce changes. You might get more or less depending on size.

Whilst accepting these variations, there may be times when you believe you’ve been seriously short-changed.  If so, please contact us as soon as possible, tell us what you were short of – and we will credit your account by the value of the short-fall.

Ordering cut-off times

Cut-off times for Hub® ordering or suspending a bag.
Sunday 6pm         delivery              Tuesday
Monday 6pm         delivery              Wednesday
Tuesday 6pm        delivery             Thursday
Wednesday 6pm  delivery              Friday
Thursday 6pm      delivery              Saturday

Change My Order

When you login and have a Value Bag you will see these items. If you wish to subtract –  or add  + please do.

EXPAND the right side See more products. When finished click on this line again and it will hide that section.

Always SAVE and check SUMMARY.

Ordering fortnightly?

Yes, you can order fortnighty. Just simply login and on the left panel is Cancel/Suspend Bag. Tick the boxes for the weeks you do wish a bag. Save and check confirmation email that dates are correct.

Can I change from Value bag to Custom bag?

Yes, as often as you like. BUT make sure you first take out any Always Include or Always Exclude BEFORE you do this.

Simple click on the bag you wish ie CUSTOM BAG.  Remember a Custom Bag is empty and you need to fill it.

Bag published Saturday 8am?

Over Friday night all items are updated and new items added.

The Saturday newsletter at 8am shows these updates and it is then members can login and change orders or cancel bags until the cut-off of the Hub.

The night of cut-off the charge for the bag is made and orders go off to the Farmers, Producers and Manufacturers.

The orders are put together the next day then arrive early on the day of your delivery for sorting and packing. This is known as ‘just-in-time’. It means that the produce and products are fresh each day. No storage.

What’s in a Value Bag?

Each week Harvest Hub find what’s in season and good value. To View this week’s Value Bag and Specials. OR LOGIN and you will see the Bag.

Desscriptions of the Specials are there also.

Online ordering only. Place your initial order when you register. We suggest a Value Bag small, medium or large.

Every Saturday at 8am we publish the new Value Bag, Specials and update products. you login after 8am until your cut-off for your Hub. eg delivery Wednesday cut-off is Monday 6pm.

When you login in Saturday.

You will see your Value Bag suggestions.

First Time set Always Include or Always Exclude. Always SAVE. Wait until it goes back to top of page.

Then adapt bag as you need adding and subtracting. add in groceries etc.

SAVE and SEE SUMMARY. Is order correct? If not go in make changes and SAVE.

What’s in a Custom Bag?

Nothing. It’s empty and you fill it with the things you want.

If you cancel a custom bag remember to login when you want the next order and fill the bag.

You can add anything you like into the bag but if you chose a VALUE BAG item it will come under the rules of a Value Bag in that it is weight based not number.

A Custom Bag is EMPTY. You fill with what you want.

SAVE and check SUMMARY. Is the order Correct?

If not, go in and make changes and SAVE, check summary.


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