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Picking up bag

About Collection from Hub

Hubsters are volunteers and even though they receive a free bag for their effort, chasing up members who haven’t collected their order is definitely not part of the bargain!  In other words, a Hub is not a convenience store.

Collection time

Every Hub has a collection window. This is to protect the Hubster from having ‘traffic’ at all hours.  Please collect your bag during the collection window, or make an arrangement with the Hubster to collect your bag at an alternative time. If you are running late, please call or SMS your Hubster. This is common courtesy.

Not picked bag up in time?

If you haven’t picked up your bag by the ‘closing time’, your will receive a courtesy text or email from your Hubster. Please acknowledge this communication.

If not picked up by 9pm

If you still haven’t collected your bag by 9pm on collection day nor made alternative pick-up arrangements, your Hubster will inform Harvest Hub who will arrange to donate the contents to a local charity or family in need.  By that time, your account will have been charged the full cost of your order – and no refund will be available.

You have joined Harvest Hub. You will have received a Welcome email with Hub details. Pick up details are in this email.

Picking up eggs


Just a reminder that Hubsters don’t pack the Value bag eggs. Either yourself or when sending someone to pick up your bag remind them please –

Look for ‘List of Orders’ on top of box.

Eggs are to be collected from egg box (first carton provided so put your name on carton please). Please bring your own carton to fill up but if you need a new one please let your Hubster know.


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Late for pick up

I’m late for pick up, what do I do?

Phone your Hubster and let them know. The Hubster details are in your Welcome letter. If you do not have this and it is in office hours please contact us for Hubster details

Phone: 1300  799185.


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