There are two ways to ‘fruit raise’ with Harvest Hub.

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Have a Hub or a Produce stall.

1. HAVE A HUB®. Have a weekly Hub at your university, school, community centre, church, School & Community Centre Hubsbusiness, Sports club, Guide/Scout group.


2. HAVE A Produce STALL.

  • On a weekly basis – at a Community Centre, University or at local Farmer market.
  • One-off at your Fair or Fun Day- you need to enquire how this would work for you.

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Fruit raising using Harvest Hub®

If you are a University, Church, Community Centre, School P&C or Canteen, Scout/Girl Guide group, sport club, etc, you can provide fruit and vegetables to your community simply by setting up and running a Hub.

A great way to bring the community together!

What better way to bring your community together than over the dinner table. Our culture, family traditions, friendships and great stories abound and we learn about healthy eating and local foods.

Schools, for example, can provide a ‘fruit and veg’ program so that any child that comes to school without a piece of fruit or veg they can receive a piece. It has been proven that the more we present fresh produce to children, adults for that matter too, they will want more. The children will ask their parents for great tasting mandarins or cherry tomatoes that are sweet and filling.

Get the children to run the Hub. They do the divvy, try the produce and are more likely to ask for fresh tasting produce.

What space do I need?

If you have undercover space with trolley access and a coupleRoseville Market Day of volunteers to pack the bags (for schools the Harvest Hub children’s Team works a treat)

Community reward

Besides getting great access to truly fresh, mostly local produce, the volunteer time in doing the divvy is rewarded with $4 value in fruit and veg for every order packed weekly. If you have 20 families in the Hub®, that equates to around $80 per week in fruit and veg – or $4,000 per year. This fruit and veg reward can be used to provide fruit and veg for the children at the Kindy, School, University or your group.

Fruit raising makes a difference

Not only do you know you are supporting mostly local growers and food manufacturers but you are getting access to produce that is truly fresh. Most just 48 hours ago in the ground.

  1. Schools – use the fruit/veg for any child coming to school without;
  2. Community centre – those doing it tough or just provide in morning snack time;
  3. University – we can do cooking meal packs, produce for students in need or student functions.
  4. Office – fruit/veg all week long fresh produce – it lasts!

How many for a Hub to start?

You only need 7 members plus Hubster to start. Hubs need to be maintained at minimum orders per week 7 and up to around 12 – 15. It takes around 45 minutes to do the divvy.

Maybe you want to Buy in Bulk the Fruit & Veg?

Harvest Hub can provide you with ‘Bulk fruit and veg’. This is a cost saving and perhaps you might wish to use for an event.

Crunch & Sip, Healthy Kids program,  teamed with Harvest Hub in schools.

Read more about the ‘Harvest Hub and Crunch & Sip Fruit/Veg’ program in schools as well. The school receives ‘$4 in value in fruit and veg’ for every order packed each week. In schools this is:

  • tackling equity issues for those students who are unable to bring fresh fruit and veggies from home for their Crunch & Sip break.

Look forward to speaking with you.

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