Glycemic ‘load’ not glycemic ‘index’

Eat whatever fruit & vegetables you want but look at Quantity first.

Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load

Using the Glycemic ‘load’ not glycemic ‘index’ for better food choices.

When sorting our what we should eat the Quantity and the Quality of a food is important. If you are going to use the Glycemic Index as a way of choosing what foods are better choices then read on.

Let’s define some of these terms we need to use first so we are on the same page.

The Glycemic ‘load’ is what you should look at not the glycemic index. The Glycemic ‘load’ measures both the Quality (Gi Value) and Quantity (grams per serve) of carbohydrate we eat in a meal. If you are needing to measure this you need to keep the Glycemic Load at under 100 a day. Foods are rated  0 – 20. so Low 0 – 10, Medium 11- 19 and High 20 or more. How to work out the Load….

The Glycemic ‘index’ of a food is the measurement of the speed the carbohydrates in the food are converted to blood glucose. Foods are rated  0 -100. so Low 0 – 55, Medium 56-70 and High 71-100.

So working out the Glycemic Load of a total meal you only need to do if you are on a Glycemic diet or have diabetes. Combinations of foods need to be considered: for example, when you add protein to a turnip it reduces the Glycemic response. Turnips have a Glycemic LOAD of 1 and a medium Glycemic Index.

So over a day you are aiming for: Glycemic Load per day – Low – less then 80 , Medium – 81-120, High – 120 or more.

What is Insulin?

So we are looking at the insulin in the bloodstream created by foods. This insulin is important.

The Pancreas makes this insulin. The Insulin is a hormone which allows your body to use glucose for energy. put simply: So you eat, the carbohydrates are converted to glucose and the insulin helps it to be used as energy or you can store it as fat to use later.

So we know then that foods which are rated in the High Glycemic Index are not good for us as it means increased insulin in the bloodstream. High Glycemic Index rated foods aid the body to store your food and any extra energy as fat. But that is not the whole story…. there’s more you should know.

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