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Is your starter fun to eat?

Try out the Eggplant Person

We’ve had some great ideas sent in over the holidays for keeping the kids entertained with cooking and craft using fruit and vegetables….well the adults have fun helping!

Hors d'oeuvres

Made with loving care – The Eggplant Person

Here is an idea for eggplant – turn it into an eggplant Person. This was created by the Bradhurst children – not only a bit of fun but an idea for platting. Use a large vegetable with humour as your centre piece and then surround with dips, biscuits, vegetables sliced.

Other ideas.
IDEA 1 – Bouquet: use skewers and pop a fruit or veg on the end. Pop into a melon base that has been halved and the edges cut into V .
IDEA 2 – Whooo? Whooo?: Turn an item into an owl. Maybe an egg cut in half as the body or a piece of savoury meat. Use olives as eyes with mayonnaise as the white. Beak from carrot and wings fold of greenery on sides.
IDEA 3 –  On Golden Pond: a circle of pineapple or cheese with a lily pad of greenery (mint). Rushes come upwards (rosemary of parsley).
IDEA 4 – Fruit palm trees: On a plate make the trunk from banana/pineapple/orange and for the palms kiwi, chocolate balls for the coconuts or prunes.

Perhaps you have some ideas you might like to share. Add in comments or send to info@harvesthub.com.au

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