Metella Road Public School Harvest Hub went off with a Bang

Harvest Hub aims to bring family and friends to the dinner table in conversation. A good way to this is eating fresh produce, cooking together, opening discussion on eating healthy, seasonal and fresh.

Crunch & Sip Program Metella Road Public School

Bursting to the Brim. Mettela Road Public School Harvest Hub bags

Metella Road Public School is located in Toongabbie, Sydney, about 15 minutes from Parramatta. It is a school that hums and the Principal, Peter D’Emilio, has a smile on his face and spring in his step. The reason being is that he has an amazing community both inside and outside the school who support each other with the various initiatives.

When you enter the Metella Road Public School the staff, the teachers and the children in the playground have wide smiles and the general hum of happy voices wraps around you. This school has something different.

They had a Spring Fete a few weeks ago and it was a joy to see how many families and community members came to support the fundraiser. But it was the glowing chatter from parents about how the school is making a difference for the children.

First harvest Hub at Metella Road Public School

Colleen and Edwina – Where are those potatoes?

Making a difference teaching practical life skills and now a Harvest Hub which will provide the opportunity to have Local Sydney Basin produce and for families to cook together.

Harvest Hub seasonal Sydney Basin produce

All Aboard Metella Road Public School Harvest Hub starts

In the Blacktown Sun Peter mentions that the Hub will support the Crunch & Sip program where the children have a break to eat fresh fruit & veg. The Harvest Hub program will enable those children coming to school without fruit or veg an opportunity to have a piece.

Colleen and Edwina had fun divvying up the bags and look forward to volunteers helping every week. The school receive $4 for every bag they pack and on their very first week they packed 18 bags. A great fundraiser which will assist in providing funds for school projects.

Harvest Hub seasonal Sydney Basin produce

All Aboard Metella Road Public School Harvest Hub starts

David in the Before/After school care has also taken the opportunity to provide for their group by ordering through the Hub. This way they don;t have to trudge off to the shops and are saving by purchasing this way.

If you have a preschool, school, group, community centre, community garden, church that would like to have a Hub to help with fundraising efforts please contact usĀ  –

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