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– Run a Hub and be rewarded – Sydney area

Creating your own food community encourages collaboration within the community and forges new friendships based around food. Running a Hub you can reap great rewards and supplement your income whilst at home.

We are a partner of the Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance  and this has meant we have been able to develop an ordering system which rewards the Hubster®  whilst making the food available to your members less than supermarkets. Running a Food Hub®  – What better way to get to know your neighbours and help local and Australian Farmers/food manufacturers.


Hubster North Bondi

How does it work?

You run your Hub like a business – it is not a franchise. You promote your Hub using the Facebook page we give you plus flyer templates. You purchase as a group in bulk but your members get most of what they want through the ordering system. All payments are made online, you pack your member orders. They pick up or you can also offer home delivery and earn that fee.

Contact us and we will discuss in more details how the ordering system works but it is best you know what you need.

What you need:

  • a computer and a printer
  • Social media savvy and know your way around Facebook
    Hubster Asquith
  • 2-3 hours a week.
  • a covered area like a carport or garage
  • easy access for a trolley
  • like meeting people
  • tables to pack on – we suggest folder tables
  • eye for quality control


With average family sizes 3-4 people you need a minimum of 15 families to get started.

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So easy to do and satisfying because you are making a difference by supporting local growers in the Sydney Basin and their families but also providing your members with inexpensive food.

Forestville HubLet us know

If you are interested and would like to get involved and have a Hub in your area, fill out the form and we will get back to you to discuss how it all works.


If you’d like to know more find out what other Hubsters are saying



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