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What better way to get to know your neighbours and help local and Australian Farmers/food manufacturers.

Become a Hubster® running your own fruit/veggie/grocery coop without all the hassle.

You are rewarded with fruit and veg for your time between $28 and $40 plus a week in fruit and veg. What you don’t spend then save toward paying off your mortgage or a holiday.

Hubster North Bondi

The Hubster is the community liaison for Harvest Hub knowing their area, neighbours and hopping online to shout out about their Hub®. We appreciate you volunteering your time and so we provide a discount on your order.

How does it work?

Harvest Hub® is a community food network bringing fresh, flavoursome, mosty local produce and groceries to the dinner table. We pack the combined orders and deliver it to each Hub in bulk – same day, same time each week.  The Hubster then packs each order according to a packing list – custom orders are already packed for you.  This takes 40-60 minutes for an average sized Hub of 12 members.

What you need:

  • 40-60 minutes a week for packing
  • 7 members plus yourself to start upHubster Asquith
  • covered area like a carport or garage
  • easy access for a trolley with the crates
  • like meeting people
  • tables to pack on – we suggest folder tables
  • eye for quality control
  • computer and printer
  • willingness to maintain Hub numbers
  • actively promote your Hub on your social media
  • communicate on a weekly basis with Harvest Hub

We collect everything on the way back so you don’t have any rubbish.

Harvest Hub Reward  – For every ORDER packed each week, you are rewarded as a volunteer with a $4 discount for each order which comes off your fruit and vegetables order.

So if you have an average sized Hub of 12 orders, you’ll get $48 discount off your fruit and veg (not including your order).  In addition, if you have 7 orders that week  (not including your own) you receive up to 20% discount off other products (dairy, bakery, meat, groceries). You need to maintain a Hub minimum of 7 members to receive the grocery discount.

A Hub needs to be a minimum of 7 active members up to 15. It takes about 45 minutes to one hour to do the divvy. Note some Hubs are larger.

How easy is that? No more getting the kids out of the car; searching for a carpark; coming home with more than you wanted.

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So easy to do and satisfying because you are making a difference by supporting local growers in the Sydney Basin and their families, part of the Harvest Hub ‘community giveback program’ and reducing wastage of food and packaging.

Forestville HubLet us know

If you are interested and would like to get involved and have a Hub in your area, fill out the form below and we will get back to you to discuss delivery days/times, how to get your Hub started, etc


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