Kale and how to store it

Kale and how to store it

Kale grown in Horsley Park

So we’ve talked about the Amazing tale of Kale in Horsley Park

We’ve talked about ‘How Vegetables Breathe’ which affects how you store them.

What we haven’t shared with you is the best way to Store Kale and what fruit and veg to keep it away from. Don’t pop items in the Crisper because we can guarantee they won’t last long in there.

The other thing to consider is which vegetables and fruit to eat first when delivered. So eat the more vulnerable ones like the kale, spinach, and in the fruits the berries, melons, kiwi.

This is a very informative U Tube description of how to store Kale and which fruits and veg to keep it away from. this applies to Tuscan shown in the video and Green Kale.

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