Maintaining your Order

Maintaining your Order

To update you order, you can log in from Saturday 8am up to the order cut-off deadline.

The cut-off for order changes, cancellations and suspensions is 6pm, 2 days prior to the pick-up day. For example, Wednesday pick-ups have a cut-off of Monday 6pm.

Importantly, you have a standing order – so the onus is on you to cancel or suspend your order before the cut-off. If you fail to cancel, you will have to pay for your order – which will be donated to charity. However, if you tell us before the pick-up time, we will refund you one-third of the order value – i.e. we forego our profit.

If your standing order is one of the Value Bags, then you will automatically receive whatever selection of fruit and vegetables we’ve made for that week. This selection will vary from week to week. You can customise any Value Bag by adding and removing items, but any changes you make only apply to that week’s bag.

If you choose a Custom Order, your selection of products remains fixed from week to week – unless you modify it. You must login each week to check it as Specials change weekly. However, for your first order (and every time you skip one or more weeks), you must log in to select the products you want – otherwise your remove bag remains empty!

Weekly payments

Your credit/debit card will be charged around midnight on the cut-off day. If the transaction is dishonoured, we will re-process the transaction usually within 48 hours. A $4.50 dishonour fee will apply to cover the re-processing cost.

The dishonour fee will be waived if your card got cancelled because of (suspected) fraud, or if the fault lies with the bank (usually because of network outage) or with us.

Collecting your order

Most Hubs have one or two pick-up windows when members are expected to collect their bag. This is done so that Hubsters don’t have ‘traffic’ all day, and they can get on with their day. That said, most Hubsters will allow for ‘late pick-ups’ so long as they know. If you don’t get out of the office until late, you can make a permanent arrangement with the Hubster to collect at an agreed time. The key is good communication – so if you’re running late, send your Hubster an SMS.

What if you forget to collect or cancel?

You can manage your orders online 8 weeks ahead, so you can suspend weeks when you know you’re going to be away. You will receive a Confirmation email showing the dates cancelled. You must open the email and check the dates selected are correct. If not, redo cancellation selection.

For screenshots on How to Cancel Bags see FAQ

Cancel THIS week login after Sat 8am 

Cancel future orders: Login after delivery day but before Friday 5.30pm

If you miss the cutoff and have an order but don’t want it and tell us BEFORE delivery we will credit one third of bag value and organize the contents of your bag to go to a family in distress.

However, if you have an active order, it is delivered and you don’t collect it by the end of the collection window (nor tell your Hubster to let them know you’re late), the contents of your bag will be donated to charity.

That may be painful (to you and to us!), but at least you know that your order has found a good home: usually via Meals-on-Wheels or the Salvo’s soup kitchen, or through a local community or church-based charity.