New season mandarins are finally here

Mandarins are finally in season and we are beyond excited. Easy to peel, tangy and delicious, mandies are a huge favourite around the Harvest Hub office.

To celebrate the start of the season we have searched the web to find the five most interesting and quirky mandarin facts around. Prepare to be amazed!

  1. Mandarins originated in China and were named after the officials of the Imperial court who used them for medicinal purposes.
  2. A single mandarin provides an adult with 190% of their daily Vitamin C intake.
  3. There are more than 2.3 million commercial citrus trees growing mandarins in Australia.
  4.  Last year we consumed over 70,000 tonnes of Australian mandarins* (by we, I mean Australia, not Harvest Hub, although if we keep expanding…)
  5. In traditional Chinese medicine the dried peel of the fruit is used in the regulation of ch€™i, and also used to treat  abdominal distension, to enhance digestion, and to reduce phlegm.

In Australia the mandarin season runs from April to October and Citrus Australia is predicting a bumper crop this year.

What’€™s your favourite mandarin recipe?

* Aussie Mandarins website.


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