Marnie a Thornleigh Hubster – Sustainability

Interviewed by Ronn Morris, Ashfield Hubster.

Marnie is a Thornleigh Hubster and a founding member of Harvest Hub. She is an entomologist by training and has always been interested in the ecology and environment.  She grew up on a farm milking cows, planting and harvesting wheat, cutting out burrs.

thornleigh map for Marnie

When we talk about sustainability we’re talking about conserving an ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of natural resources.

Harvest Hub supplies quality seasonal local produce and artisan groceries that don’t exhaust the soil, and travel a minimum of miles from the Sydney food basin to members.

Marnie HubsterLike many Hubsters and Hub members Marnie’s concerned about where her food comes from, and what goes into it.  When she cooks, or her girls cook (she has an 11 year old and a 14 year old), they like to prepare whole foods from scratch.

When we asked Marnie, what prompted you to think about sustainability, she said:

I think sustainability colours everything I do without me consciously thinking about it. I’m talking about where food comes from in an environmental sense and also in a community sense – how food production maintains communities both in a wide scale rural sense and also for market gardening on a smaller scale.  Knowing where food comes from is important for all of us.

I think about food and how we transport it. Harvest Hub really ties in to this by making it easier to buy food sourced more locally to us.

Many Thornleigh Hub members live within a 10 minute walk from the Hub and choose to walk home with their Harvest Hub insulation bags or carry it on a bicycle or even in a wheelbarrow!

Members of the Hub have been involved in Bushcare and have a strong sense of community. (Bushcare is about groups of volunteers working to restore the natural environment in urban and coastal areas across Australia.)

When we spoke to Marnie she mentioned her Hub, her Girl Guides (she’s a girl Guide leader) and her family.  She didn’t mention her work, which is all about living within a small footprint. (To find out more about Marnie’s work go to her website)

We asked her about her wishes for Harvest Hub’s Fifth Birthday. She said she’d been there at the beginning, when Harvest Hub was an idea mentioned at Anton and Jayne’s dinner table. She wished Harvest Hub to grow and keep its key tenets: good quality fresh seasonal food with reduced food miles.


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