Minimising waste the Harvest Hub way!

We dream of having a waste free world? We imagine that we can have no packaging? Is this sensible or possible? We want to care about our environment? Mmmmm€! for so many of us life is crazy, crazy busy and, despite our best intentions, sometimes doing the ‘€˜green’€™ thing can be…a bit hard.

That’s why we were pretty blown away recently when we read about a family of three in the UK who produced just one supermarket bag of waste in a year. The bag contained a few broken toys, razor blades and a couple of empty felt tipped pens… a far cry from some of us (but not all) who produce, on average, half a tonne of waste per person per year*. Yikes! Feeling guilty right now?

Finding ways to buy food without excessive packaging is easier said than done. Most manufacturers are bound by delivery systems and regulations wrapping solid absolutely everything, so it’€™s sometimes a hard ask to be eco-friendly.

Reusable crates help minimise our recycling

When we first sat down to create Harvest Hub reducing packaging and waste was one of the things that was really important to us.

It has always been our goal to try to make it easy for our Harvest Hub members to minimise their waste too.

It’€™s one of the reasons why we decided to use re-usable insulation bags. It’€™s also why so much of our fruit and veg is delivered to the Hub in re-usable packing crates and then packed directly into your bag by your Hubster. After all, nature has already wrapped most fruit and veg for us!

As we introduce new grocery products we will do our best to minimise the wrapping. If you’€™ve tried our delicious cheddar you will have noticed it comes wrapped in a small amount of cling wrap (which you can keep using while it is in your fridge), rather than in large sealed packaging. You’€™ll note that for storing some items we do suggest into a plastic bag  – so an opportunity to recycle!

We don’t like food going to waste either so that is why you can adapt your seasonal bag and if at any stage you forget to cancel your bag while you are away, we make sure it goes to charity.

Basically, we want to make it as easy possible for you to make eco-friendly food choices!

We know we’€™re not perfect, so if you have any ideas for other ways we can minimise our waste, and help you minimise yours, please get in touch. We’€™d love to hear from you!

*NSW Dept of Environment and Heritage.

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