Perfect pomegranates

The local pomegranate season is in full swing and these delicious ruby red beauties have never tasted better.

Considered to be the world’s oldest known fruit, the origins of pomegranates can be traced back to northern India and Iran, and records show they first arrived in America in the 1500s.

Pomegranates have a reputation for being super healthy and it is certainly deserved. They are rich in Vitamin C (just what we all need as the cold and flu season approaches), folate (essential for expectant Mums), Vitamin K and potassium.

Plus they are high in polyphenols, the antioxidants linked to the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

Although they are incredibly good for you, trying to get the delicious seeds out of a pomegranate can certainly be bad for your blood pressure.

There are numerous ways you can try, including breaking the fruit apart in a bowl of water so the seeds sink and the bitter pith floats away, but in our opinion Jamie Oliver has got it right… cut the fruit in half horizontally, hold one half over a bowl (seed side down) and wack repeatedly with a wooden spoon until all the hundreds of delicious seeds fall out.

Pomegranates are popular in all kinds of recipes and can be added to salads for extra colour, desserts in lieu of berries, or juiced and mixed with champagne.

Unopened pomegranates can be stored in the fridge for up to two months but we’re betting they don’t last that long!

Sweet or savoury? How to do you use pomegranates?


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