Rainbow Chard

Rainbow Chard

MEFarms are migrants and locals who have a plot of land and grow using Organic principals which include not using sprays. It means balancing the soil naturally with fertislisers, water balancing and by working the nitrate content of the soil properly reducing weeds and preventing the crops from being eaten.

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Harvest Hub guarantees 50cents in the dollar goes back to the Farmer.

Rainbow chard braised

Rainbow Chard

This is a mix of Swiss Chard, Red chard and golden chard. Packed with Vitamin K, A, C and E and high in fibre, riboflavin and B6. It’s a bit of a superfood and the Rainbow Chard are high in beta-carotene which we know is an anti-oxidant protecting the eyes from sun damage.

Rainbow Chard close upThe Grower

The grower this week is Dominic Vatuli who heralds from the Mt Lewis area within the Bankstown. His country of origin is Italy and with that a strong heritage of fresh produce production was brought out to Australia with his family. Dominic operates on 200m2 of land in his own property, but has visioned extending to neighbouring yards upon increased demand for his produce. He is part of the growing urban farm movement known as SPIN (small plot intensive) farming that heralds from Canada.

Dominic is a member of the Multicultural Enterprises Farm group that is a social enterprise forming a growers co-operative that will help bolster growth in local urban food production focusing on the organic naturally grown practices and supporting equal food with fair pricing for all.

Expect big things from this man in the coming months and especially across the next year.

Preparing and Cooking

Do not wash before storing.
Keep in a well ventilated but covered environment like a plastic bag or container and change the bag regularly. You can blanch it and freeze also. To remove any bitterness quickly into boiling water for 3  minutes which removes any aciditicy. Then steam or stir fry.

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