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Request Credit

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Your produce must be picked up same day as Hub delivery. If for some reason ie heat, humidity, packing and squashed you greens have turned within 24hours of delivery OR another item within 48 hours tell us it has an issue that you’d like to let us know. We appreciate you letting us know as it assists us in buying, packing and how we deliver. If you tell us then we know and can do something about it.

We will review the issue and either contact you, issue a credit or fix the issue depending on the timing of the problem.

For Feature Fruit/Veature Veg you will find descriptions of Specials on website

                     1. Email issue to  

                     2. Subject line:   Order Issue

                     3. Greenery within 24 hrs of delivery   Other within 48hrs of delivery.

                    Not accepted outside this time limit.

                    4. Please put:   Name / Hub Name/  Whether Spoilt/Missing/Short   /

                                      Item description and a PHOTO attached if Spoilt.

Please remember VALUE BAG is based on a weight range not on item numbers. This is important as the numbers published are not set in stone and you might reeive more or less depending on the weights for the bag that week and the varying sizes of produce available. The Weight Range of the contents of a bag is:

                                        Small bag 6 – 8kg Medium bag 8 -10 Large 11 – 13kg

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