No Harvest Hub rockmelons linked to Salmonella outbreak

No Harvest Hub rockmelons linked to Salmonella outbreak

No Harvest Hub rockmelonsOver the past 2 weeks, nearly 100 cases of Salmonella poisoning have been linked to rockmelons. Although the link hasn’t been definitively made, the Red Dirt brand of rockmelons from the Northern Territories is now the subject of a recall.

Harvest Hub does not purchase this brand, and never has offered this brand – so if you have any rockmelons sourced from Harvest Hub, you can be confident that they are not linked to Salmonella.  

About Salmonella

It is not uncommon for rockmelons to be associated with pathogen-born disease such as e.coli, Listeria or Salmonella, and not just in Australia. A few years back, 29 people died in the US after eating contaminated melons. In many cases, rockmelons are found to have been washed in contaminated water either on the farm or at the packing house.

As a precaution, it is recommended to wash the outside of the rockmelon with cold water prior to cutting – especially if the melon is to be eaten by babies, elderly and those with reduced immune response. Any cut melon should be refrigerated as soon as possible to minimise the risk of bacterial growth.

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