Support local bee producers?

Support local bee producers?

Bees pollinate around 70% of the fruit and vegetables, whilst our birds (even the Cockatoos play a role here cracking open seeds) ABC RN discussion Friday 22 August 2014 where they mention the role of birds in polination.

Bees dropping off

It seems that due to the number of bees dropping off some of our major suppliers are importing from Turkey what they call “honey”, as was the case with Bera Foods brand, Hi Honey which showed to contain C4 sugar, that is likely to be corn syrup.

Local Beekeepers

So the upshot here is to buy local and support those keepers who are making the effort to produce. They may be slightly more expensive but well worth keeping them in business Bees at the Boxand maintaining the colonies of bees that we have and the integrity of the honey industry like the Wollemi Honey we provide from the Wollemi National Park.

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