Insect Hotel

Insect Hotel

These fabulous photos show first Sonya’s garden and the Insect Hotel. What a joy to share a morning looking at these wonderful creations. Great to get updates Sonya on your garden stories.

Sonya the garden Wahroonga

Hubster, Sonya, in Wahroonga has a passion for all things green and growing. She has a magnificent food garden, fully fenced that stops even the most wonderful of Brush Turkey high jumpers, and was totally energized to try out the Insect hotel we spoke about some time back. Used by farmers keeping bugs as part of their ecosystem whilst giving them a place to eat and sleep – hence the Insect Hotel. Permaculture works when we work with the environment.

Insect Hotel by Sonya Wahroonga

We tend to manicure our gardens to the point of no return for some insects that we need to encourage to pollinate, act as controllers of other insects we don’t want like aphids. There is a balance in the Web of Life. By providing a home we keep the ones we want – ladybirds and they love the aphids, Lacewings will eat aphids and mites, bees will also find a home.