The Future of Sydney’s Food Bowl

The Future of Sydney’s Food Bowl

The Sydney Food Bowl is slowly disappearing due to housing creep, increased pressure from supermarkets wanting ‘cheaper’ fruit & veg so encouraging ‘industrial’ large scale farming away from the city centres – food miles increase, natural resources are challenged, packaging increases, food security an issue as food supply centralises and only a few have control of it.

Local produce does not mean it is expensive. This is a misnoma. With lower food miles, less packaging, and the money you spend buying local produce it goes back into the local economy not sent overseas.

The farmer spends their money in their community. Buying machinery, paying their way.

We at Harvest Hub have for 7 years supported local growers as we are passionate about saving the Sydney Food Bowl.

We purchase seasonally around , sometimes more,80% local and the rest Australia wide.

The produce is supermarket price competitive, not stored and picked within 48 hours of delivery to your pick up point.

There are many many people working to keep our Food Bowl and so in turn our Food security. If we don’t maintain our local growers we run a grave risk of large industrial farming centralising food supply, control of it centralised and profits not staying in Australia. With Climate changing supporting local becomes imperative otherwise we will loose the ability to have an independent, clean and safe food supply.

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The Future of Sydney’s Food Bowl