Harvest Hub – Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam

Harvest Hub – Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam

This week Harvest Hub – Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam Pack that does the lot.

See Veature Veg #5 Caramelised Chilli Jam Pack: 1 kg brown onions, peeled and diced or sliced into fine onion rings; in the bag pre-mixed – crushed chillli, cinnamon stick, bay leaves and rosemary.

Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam

The Chilli Jam Pack ; use on biscuits, sour dough or side with salad or meal









So, let the Festivities Begin: with a gift of homemade caramelised Chilli Jam.

Harvest Hub makes adding zest to life easy with this simple sure fire recipe.  It ends up a magnificent dark red, coloured by the chilli, the balsamic vinegar and by caramelisation. It is not hot and the kids love the taste on biscuits…get them to close their eyes. Spread on Bowan Island (Drummoyne) sour dough bread with some Mersey Valley Vintage, Pecorino or vintage cheddar cheese or indeed a slice of ham. (All at Harvest Hub)

We dare you to give all your Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam jars away. We couldn’t – we ate them all.

Harvest Hub – Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam
Recipe Type: Condiment
Author: Harvest Hub
Homemade Caramelised Chilli Jam
  • Use the Harvest Hub Caramelised Chilli Jam Pack – Add:
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 100g of brown sugar
  • 150ml balsamic vinegar
  • 150ml of veg or beef stock (optional)
  • Sea salt and black pepper.
  1. Heat the saucepan and add the olive oil. Add the onions and then the chilli jam pack and season a little with salt and pepper. Cook slowly until the onions become sticky, add the sugar and vinegar, stock and cook until the liquid is reduced.
  2. This has been known to take up to two and a half hours, with some stirring, but the taste is worth waiting for. Take out Bay Leaf.
[b]All ABOUT THE JARS:[/b][br][b]Sterilising your jars.[/b][br]This step takes twenty minutes-half an hour if you use your oven and less than a minute if you use your microwave and means that your Chili Jam will last without spoiling a long time if you can resist its feisty flavour and jewel like colour.[br][b]To microwave:[/b] wash your jar in hot soapy water. Rinse well and don’t dry but put the damp jar into the microwave on high (depending on the jar size) for 30-45 seconds.[br]Do not microwave the metal lids but instead use wax discs and cellophane for a festive look.[br][b]In the oven: [/b]heat the oven to 130C. Place the clean jars on the oven shelf for 20mins. Cover the shelf with paper – newspaper will do, or put a clean tea towel over a baking tray and rest the jars on that. Remove the carefully from the shelf wearing oven mitts.[br][br][b]When filling them:[/b] If your jars are hot you can add the hot jam to them. If the jars have cooled let the jam cool before filling them.