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National Nutrition Week at Harvest Hub

It’s our 5th Birthday!!

It’s National Nutrition Week at Harvest Hub and to celebrate we’ve been thinking about food, friends and family.

Balinese spice rubbed beef Henrietta Forestville

Henrietta from Forestville using Spice Peddler Balinese Spice Rub.

Food is the stuff of love as well as life. The gift of a mother to her newborn is intimacy and nourishment.  For many our first experience of eating is a package deal: food and comfort.

We like a man who woos with his cooking – * ‘he’s a keeper’ best-ies reckon, even when he doesn’t wash up. Giving with food intrinsic to being part of a family, a child care centre, a school, a workplace, a church, and a community.

The everyday gift of a parent to family is dinner and special food marks special occasions: birthdays traditionally have cakes and children’s birthdays traditionally have goodie bags.  Christmas, Easter, the end of Ramadan, Jewish and Chinese New Years or the Moon Cake Festival are all recognised tables weighed down with good eats.  Sunday lunches, even as the Sunday roast has been overtaken by the Sunday barbecue, are times to develop our own family traditions.

Fresh and local are important factors in eating well. Cold storage over time lessens the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables.  Long haul food miles negate quality as well adversely effecting local supply.

In Sydney one in four meals is a take away meal 44% of those meals are fast food meals (ABS figures) high in fat and salt.  To cook, eat and enjoy are Project Dinnertime’s major goals. Variety and balance are key to eating well.

As important as the food is the spending time together: learning; laughing; engaging; challenging – just being. Even crying sometimes over that recipe that didn’t quite work. When children help cook they will eat it – surprise. When friends bring a plate they feel part of the feast. We live through our food.

Naomi from Forestville - mango and frozen perfect dessert for a hot day

Naomi from Forestville – mango and frozen yoghurt…my perfect dessert for a hot day

At Harvest Hub we supply fresh ingredients and we provide the community and social interaction. The way in which we get the food from the local community of farmers that we know and then distribute it through Hubs. We get to know each other.

The stuff of a chef’s meals; they also star at our dinner table.  Great results, very little work.  What’s not to like? Fresh means flavourful.  A tomato, feta and basil salad, or steamed broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini with a favourite salad dressing are easy meals.  They take less time to prepare than it does to drive out and collect a fast food order.  For protein add roasted sesame and sunflower seeds, or cooked prawns or strips of smoked chicken breast.

We can fancy up strawberries in strawberry shortcakes, pancakes and purees but the best  strawberry is a freshly picked one.  Very little tops a mango sliced out of its skin at the height of mango season.

To cook, eat and feast with family and friends is to live well.

*‘he’s a keeper’  honest, loyal, thoughtful and caring

Thanks to Ronn Morris our Master Harvest Hub blogger



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