Purple Basil

Purple Basil

Off to a running start with Purple Basil grown by the Grima Brothers in Horsley Park.

This Basil is so colourful and great in a slaw: carrots, basil, garlic, snowpeas, lettuce – julianne it all. Use this is stir-fry and salads also.

basil-purpleSo what to put on top that is great for your Liver, gall bladder and skin? What’s that? Yep, great for the ‘hidden from view’.
Make Coconut Oil Lime dressing. In a bowl put coconut oil, lime juice, rice vinegar, and salt. Add lime zest to dress salad. If you want to sweeten it use honey.


How to store:

Get a glass of water then cut stems and place in water like a fresh flowers. Remove any leaves below the water line. Pop a plastic bag over it to keep some humidity in it.

Change water every few days. Don’t put this herb in the┬árefrigerator.