Dry as a bone

Dry as a bone

The Bureau of Meteorology has just declared an El Nino on the Eastern seaboard of Australia this Spring  Read more on this….. Well it seems that this has already started with the added knock on of climate change. In Wherrol Flat the old timers are seeing definite changes that have increased in just the past few years – ie less rainfall, more fires.

To read more what causes El Nino see this information….

So our local growers in August 2018 have been showing us their crops and what the dry has done to them. Without water many are having to turn to town water. One grower tells us this means he will get a quarterly bill for $6,000 from using town water on his crops. Others lucky enough to be located on rivers are on restrictions for pumping water. Often barely enough to water their crops properly.

Cherry tomatoes Aug 2018


So we know the cherry tomato.









Pictures are more powerful than words so take a look at what the growers of our food are facing. These were taken in Horsley Park, Sydney.

Cherry tomatoes dried stands Aug 2018Cherry tomatoes dried Aug 2018Cherry tomato rows