Bag to Box

Bag to Box


When we started 6 years ago the blue bags were designed for a ‘fixed’ Value bag offering. Then two years later we introduced the ability to customise a value bag. We are now on the sixth bag design version. Anton and Jayne have subsidised these bags but they have now gone over the $40 each mark to make and this is no longer possible together with other issues which we need to address.
The bags are becoming too heavy for orders and many members are needing two and three bags. The other important health issue is over time the bags are becoming quite soiled and not easy to clean.


Over the next few weeks we will be introducing foldable cardboard boxes which are more sustainable from a monetary and environmental standpoint. We appreciate your patience as we introduce these changes. We need to experiment with what works and adapt accordingly.

How we think this will work:

 If you have a blue bag continue to use it. If you need additional purchase a box. 

If you have recently joined and have been given a foam box we will soon replace this with cardboard foldable boxes which we think (we need to trial this) as to the number of uses. The boxes are returned to the Hub just like the blue bags each week before the divvy. It is important to have standard packing boxes for the Hubster to be able to efficiently pack your produce into but you are most welcome, when picking up, to bring your own bag, take the produce from the blue bag or box and leave the blue bag/box at the Hub each week.(Some members do this currently). 

For the Hubster this will make things easier in that when packing if a member needs another box they can add this in and NAME label them. 

Membership will be $10 on joining and you get two boxes to start. Then: As the box needs replacing you either order one online in your order page for $2.00 or if you don’t return it the Hubster we will provide a box and the Hubster will tell us and we will charge you $2.00. 

We believe this will reduce the barrier to entry for joining Harvest Hub and will keep it more on track with sustainable outcomes. Our goal over the next 12 months is to reduce plastic and to become plastic free. We will recycle the broken cardboard boxes. 


If you have a morning Hub and pick up in the afternoon. Then, by exception only as Hubsters do not wish foam boxes stacked up, we will provide a foam box so that you can provide an icebrick in summer months. You need to let us know please at