Christmas this year 2015

Hi everyone,   See below for suggested food items needed to drop at your Hub this Week 1551  the 15 to 19 December 2015.

Ivanhoe Housing estate Harvest Hub Team

Ivanhoe Housing estate Harvest Hub Team

We’re working again with Nathan Moulds and the Salvos Team at Ivanhoe estate to give the residents a Christmas they won’t lightly forget!

On Tuesday 22nd December, the Salvos will put on a Christmas dinner cooked by executive chef Peter Brewty and his team from Crunch Catering (Macquarie University), with food donated by Harvest Hub members.  There will also be toys and food hampers.

But we can’t do it without your help – so please take a minute to read below how you can donate or get involved:

  1. Donate $1 or more via Product Ordering page (see Weekly Specials at the very top of the page).  Harvest Hub will match dollar-for-dollar and convert the donations into food hampers
  2. Donate a Bag:  When you go away or don’t need an order, rather than cancelling it, you can donate it instead.  Just send us a quick email letting us know which week(s) you wish to donate, and we’ll divert your order to Ivanhoe.  You can do this for any week during December and January. If you’ve already cancelled your order for this week, just let us know and we’ll recreate under Donated Orders.
  3. Donate food items: that the Salvos team can pack into the Christmas hampers. These hampers are provided to hundreds of households throughout the City of Ryde who are doing it tough.  Nathan has specifically asked for packaged food items to go into Asian-style hampers (see list below).  If you can donate any of these, please drop it off to your Hubster.  Harvest Hub will collect and take them to the Salvos warehouse.
  4. Donate time: Donate some of your time on Tuesday 22nd December and help the Salvos run this event smoothly.  You’re welcome to join – even for a few hours or so – from 9.30am onwards until the close around 8.30pm.  However, most resources will be needed between 4pm and 9pm to set up the tables, serve dinner, tidy up afterwards and ‘bump out’.  Last year, some members brought their kids along to help so that they learn the importance of giving.  If you’d like to help, please email Nathan on

Food items suggestions: (they are making up themed Hampers so this is why this one is more Asian flavoured).

  • Soy sauce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Oyster sauce                  
  • Curry sauce jar               
  • Chili sauce jar
  • Can of grass jelly
  • 1kg bag of rice
  • Cooking oil (vegetable)  
  • Dried vermicelli noodles
  • Rice paper rolls
  • Can of lychees
  • Packet dried shitake
  • Packet of barley             
  • Packet dried green bean
  • Packet of instant noodles
  • Can of button mushroom        
  • Can of bamboo shoots
  • Bon bons
  • Cans of chrysanthemum tea drink     

Peats Ridge Money-for-Jam project

Peats Ridge Strawberry field week 1531

Peats Ridge Money-for-Jam project

Our Peats Ridge strawberry growers, John and Marika Vella, have lost nearly their whole wintercrop to frost.  (Some of you will have seen some berries with black spots on them). Actually, it was the combination of frost and wet from which they didn’t recover.  The loss represents some 6 weeks of picking and was a big blow to the family who have 4 young kids.

When we found out about it, we were determined to help them out. And we soon hit upon the idea of turning the strawberries into jam – inspired by the many varieties of jam cooked up by the Armenian residents of the Ivanhoe public housing estate who receive most of our donated fresh produce.  Jam Maker-in-Chief Araxi sees it as an opportunity to give something back and has volunteered her services over the coming month.

Access to the commercial kitchens of Macquarie Uni, some student volunteers, discounted jam jars from Plasdene and donated sugar by Harkola means that we keep Money for jam project jar with straw in backgroundthe cost to a minimum – and so close to 100% of the sales is going back to John and Marika.

If you are not a Harvest Hub member and would like to order jam or are a Harvest Hub member and have a group then you can request an order form

375gms for $5.00

Xmas Trees

Xmas Trees

Christmas trees now from Oberon, Hub or home delivered

Xmas Tree OberonHi everyone,

As announced in last week’s newsletter, we will be selling Christmas trees this year – but instead of Duffy’s Forest (who may be short on trees this year), we will be getting them from Oberon instead. Oberon is a small town with some big broccoli growers, as well as the home of Merlino’s Christmas trees. They grow the Monterey variety which is known for straightness and uniformity. Provided they are regularly watered, they keep for 4 weeks.

For every tree sold, Merlino’s plants 2 new trees. Once they reach maturity, they absorb CO2 and help to reduce carbon levels.

A better deal
Because of the lower land cost of Oberon (compared with Duffy’s Forest), the trees end up quite a bit cheaper – and because we now offer both delivery options (Hub pick-up vs home delivery), the cost reduction is pretty significant. Hub pick-up is now viable because each tree is wrapped in netting which means it’s easier to handle and will drop fewer needles.

Xmas trees in potsIn early January, you can have your tree picked up for recycling into mulch. This option costs $15, and prevents your tree from ending up in landfill. Mulching (compared with burning) will significantly reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

And last but not least, we now also offer a Live Tree option in a pot so you can enjoy your Christmas tree for many years to come (provided you look after it).

And remember: $5 of every tree sold is donated to the Salvos at Ivanhoe to pay for the Christmas dinner for the residents of Ivanhoe, as well as toys for their kids.

So here is the revised deal:

Xmas Trees cost













STAND $40. We also offer a sturdy stand for $40. All prices include GST.

If you’ve missed the order cut-off, you can email your order by noon the day prior to your Hub delivery.