Choi Sum Damaged

Choi Sum Damaged

Choi Sum damaged Simon and Gary Chong in Leppington

The storms let rip on Friday.

On Friday morning, we saw Simon and Gary Chong in Leppington to check out the Choi Sum that we wanted to have in this week’s Value box. It all looked great, until ‘that storm’ came through late on Friday. Within 15 minutes, the storm had flattened a large part of the crops.

The extent of the damage became clear when the brothers trawled through the paddocks: most of the Choi Sum was shredded and smashed by rain and hail – along with parsley, Chinese broccoli and coriander.


They rang around other growers to try and source Choi Cum – but there wasn’t much around.

Good news

However, some baby buk choi had survived – and the rest they managed to get from neighbouring farms.

So this week’s Chinese vegetable, Choi Sum, will be replaced by baby buk choi instead.

The damaged greens will be ploughed into the ground, and they expect to have choi sum ready for picking around mid-March.

Please do share this story as we’d like everyone to know the challenges in farming and just how lucky we are to have farmers like this who battle on regardless.