Market at Macquarie University- Social Enterprise

Sports & Leisure Centre Saturday Market Macquarie University

Saturday Market encouraging new leadership.

For 3 years a bustling farmers market was run outside the Macquarie Sports and Leisure Centre, 2013 to 2016.

A true Social Enterprise – balancing profit with Social Outcomes.

The market managed to donate almost 50 tonnes of fresh produce to the residents of Ivanhoe housing estate since July 2015 – a massive feat!

The market also provided a great opportunity for Macquarie University students in the Global Leadership Program to get some hands-on experience running a produce market.

And lastly, it provided local growers – from the Hawkesbury and Horsley Park to Wallacia and Leppington – with a chance to showcase their wares.

All good things must come to an end – eventually.   A new project was created for students giving them the opportunity to run their own Fruit & Veg coop.

There are Food Hubs for staff at Macquarie Uni:

  • Sustainability Cottage at Hadenfeld Ave (Tuesdays)
  • Biology department at Eastern Road (Wednesday)
  • Cochlear Hub at University Ave (Wednesday)

for ordering at these Hubs – Simply customise your order online, and pick up from the Hub.  To check it out, visit



Me Farms a local farm

Me Farms plot

Me Farms plot

Me Farms a local farm

Harvest Hub are reaching out for truly local into the suburbs. In Fairfield and Bankstown there are farms which produce amazingly flavoursome produce. Harvest Hub guarantees that 50 cents in the dollar spent goes back to their farmers.

Multicultural Enterprises Australia (MEA)

Me Farm Seedlings

Me Farm Seedlings

Multicultural Enterprises Australia (MEA) established out of the Cabramatta Community Centre in 2011 began MEFarms. Supported by Community Builders state funding for 3 years we have incorporated KPI’s of this funding with objectives so the farm could be self sufficient.

MEA is a social enterprise championed by Suji Upasena. Together Suji and a working party consisting of several local Fairfield, Cabramatta and Liverpool agencies initiated a farm concept to support migrants, refugees, and local residents in pursuit of horticultural training and work experience to operate in a fresh produce farm environment.

MEFarms supporting migrants & local residents horticultural training and work experience to operate in a fresh produce farm environment. Fairfield,Bankstown.

Winter and what happens at the farm.

Me Farms tell us, “Sydney has just passed the longest day of the year and with only two months before spring is well underway with seeding in our nursery. Our mild winter days are up to 20 degrees and our nights only down to 5 degrees. This has seen some remarkable growth in our young seedlings. Right now were sowing leeks, swiss chard, carrots, beetroot, radish, sunflower, Brassicas and garlic.”