Sustainability Festival


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Great weekend at the Manly Food, Wine & Sustainability Festival Thanks for all the Harvest Hub members who volunteered their time to help at the Harvest Hub Produce Stall at the Manly, Food, Wine & Sustainability Festival. Pascal came by and … Continue reading

Manly Vale Community Garden OPEN DAY


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Manly Vale Community Garden Family Fun Day Harvest Hub have been providing a fundraiser for the Manly Vale Community Garden since September 2012 with great success raising over $6,000 toward the garden. On Saturday 24th May 2014 Harvest Hub held … Continue reading

Happy 5th Birthday Harvest Hub

Celebrate together in the month of October.

The Harvest Hub Community

MontageThis month, October, Harvest Hub turns 5.

Wow! It’s been the most amazing half decade, and we’re grateful for the fabulous support from members for local Sydney Basin growers. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know them check them out Our Growers.

We’ve also seen 5 to 6 fruit shops and small grocers closing their doors each week nationally due to the ’big’ Colesworth pressures on pricing and the contracting of suppliers to tough requirements.

On our 5th year Harvest Hub also celebrates diversity and sustainability by supporting local farming families. It’s not an easy life  – up at the wee hours cutting produce before the heat of the day changes the sugar content and selecting the leafy greens to stop them from wilting. Then there is a dash to the market or having everything ready for pickup.

The supermarket price wars are making life tough and uncomfortable for the small growers, and stacks the big end of town with the corporatization of farming. “Fed-up Farmers Unite to Fight Supermarket Price War with Code of Conduct” remind us a good sustainable living for farmers should be viable – without locking farmers and food manufacturers into prices that ensure that they lose.

The supply of fresh, seasonal food full of flavour, made and grown locally, in ways that promote cooking and eating well are wins for all of us.

Our growers are vital to sustaining Sydney’s health: their farming counteracts residential development and their crops work as our city’s lungs.

Golden beetroot and white carrots are vegetables you won’t find in supermarkets; these vegetables speak to the diverse range of seasonal food that growers unfettered by strict supply contracts demand. Bowan Island bread and muesli and Evia yoghurt are nourishing artisan food made on a scale that guarantees attention to quality.

Harvest Hub is a Social Enterprise Food Network which means it is driven by the passion of its founding and current members to bring equity and provide fairness for the farmer and the purchaser. The profit motive is balanced by the desire to be a force for good in our local communities. The expanding network of Harvest Hubs enables communities to control their food supply and reduce the oligopoly, the total control of your food supply and their reliance on big supermarkets.

Help us to celebrate this time – so many founding members together with new Harvest Hub arrivals. Let us celebrate a number of things.

Tell the Sydney community, tell your friends that there is an alternate way to purchase groceries – fresh, flavoursome and intriguing. Tell them that providing a good and equable living for farming families is a must. Let them know that reducing waste, packaging and giving to others binds a community together.

Let them know how this can be done.

That a local Hub has a Hubster who lovingly packs your bag and cares. Enjoy the feast, the conversation with friends and family knowing that you are making a difference.

Happy 5th Birthday to us all  – the Harvest Hub community.
Let’s celebrate together. Tell a Friend.Bring on a member between 9 October and before the 31 October and we will credit your account $10. And they will receive 50% off their membership fee. Ask your friend to quote your name and Code:BLG

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Seasonal growing in the Sydney Basin

Earlier this week the Sydney Morning Herald published an article about the amount of produce that is sold at the markets but grown outside a 150km radius of Sydney – so they mean outside the Sydney basin.

The article was reasonably frightening about Sydney’s ability to produce its own food and placed a huge amount of the blame on ‘urban creep’ – our expanding city. While urban creep does exist it is only one part of the explanation as to why some of Sydney’s food is grown interstate. It’s a seasonal based answer.

Seasonal produce

Growing fruit & Veg is seasonal so in Australia this means travelling with the climate.

Currently it’s winter so much of the fruit is grown in the north of Australia!  Often produce availability will travel around Australia. For example, carrots in winter start in Queensland then move to NSW, to VIC , to WA then finish up in Tasmania after Christmas. They do well in coolish but not too cold weather. They absolutely don’t like frost.

Queensland has many micro climates starting in Bowen then moving down to Bundaberg and northern NSW. Basically Australia’s a big place.

The other question that needs to be asked is whether we can meet all of Sydney’s food requirements within the Sydney basin – and the answer is no!  There are times in summer when we, Harvest Hub, will be meeting most of our requirements from the Sydney Basin. The supermarkets, however, will be importing all the time as most often it is case of higher profit margins.

Yes, there is expansion into the growing areas of both housing and industry but one of the most significant factors that drives some farmers to close their operation is ???? Can you guess? Their children don’t want to grow vegetables and fruit. There is no succession so they sell to developers.

On the bright side if we keep focussed and buy Australian then we are making a difference and it’s a like the pebble in the pond. The ripple widens outwards and embraces those farmers who are on the land giving them a good and sustainable living.

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