Parramatta Grass & Parra Trouper

Parramatta Grass

Parramatta Grass & Parra Trouper

Parramatta Grass has hit our farm area near Wingham and it is growing everywhere so native grassses can’t grow. It also makes it difficult to lay beds down for permaculture.

Video explaining Nigroospoea oryzae Parra Trouper an organic week control.

The use of Parra Trouper is a natural way to create crown rot in the Parramatta Grass.

It’s important for us to use non-industrialised chemicals so the organic option, whilst takes longer, is more beneficial overall.

read more about the people who discovered the Parra Trouper. Jeremy Bradley and Cathy Egger, of Hastings, took research by David Officer of the NSW Department of Primary Industries and commercialised it ….