Organic Honey – Delucas from Wollemi National Park

Bush Honey chemical free

Organic Honey from Wollemi National Park. The Jars are 440g.

Truly Organic Honey

*Delucas Organic Yellowbox Honey *
Organic honey from Wollemi National Park. Beekeeper  – Lucky Luciano.
Honey bees can travel up to 5Km a day, and if there are commercial crops – citrus, stonefruit, etc – in that radius, it may not be labelled Organic.

Delucas Raw Honey – nothing added nothing removed. It is cold filtered not heated. This means it is not pasturized which would mean it would kill the reduce the pollen count which is thought to be active properties for medicinal benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

There is also no micro filtering so keeping the integrity of the pollen. Commercially this is done to make clear homey and to slow the crystallisation of the honey.It is a good sign when honey cystallizes as is shows it is raw. To re-liquify, simply heat the honey jar in warm water (43C) until it returns to the liquid state. Honeys are all different and so some honeys will not crystallize easily but it does not mean they have been treated.

Delucas hives are wedged in a narrow strip of land in the Wollemi National Park, and the nearest commercial crop is over 25Km away.


The bee is the only insect that produces food eaten by man.

These bees feed mostly on Yellowbox during the flowering season. It’s considered the sweetest honey of all.

The Yellowbox is a Eucalyptus bush variety (Eucalyptus melliodora) native to Australia. The honey has a smooth texture good for using in baking or as a sugar substitute.This honey is slow to granulate/cystalllize.

The Beekeeper, Lucky Luciano, works at the Flemington market 3 days a week and brings in his own produce to market. The rest of the week he works on his farm and goes to the Wollemi National Park to tend his hives.

Creating the honeycomb.

The hive has workers bees, a few hundred drones, and one queen bee.
The fantastic honeycombs are created by the female worker bees. They bond together thousands of wax cells into honeycomb as well as take care of the larva, keep the hive clean,protect the hive and find food. All drones are male and they have only one purpose in life – to mate with the Queen.

The meaning of Organic.
Certified organic, manufacturers have to meet a set of organic standards and conditions. For example, that every land user within a five kilometre radius of the hives must ensure that they are free of chemical residue (none near theses hives); that they have regular analysis and testing of honey samples; and that the hives have to be proven free of non-organic honey, sugar and antibiotics. In this case, Delucas is definitely all of these because of its location.

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