The story of Curry Masters

Suresh Singh of Curry Masters

Suresh Singh of Curry Masters

This is a classic tale from restaurant chef to manufacturing mogul: back in the early nineties, Suresh Singh (“friends just call me Singh”) had an Indian restaurant in Lane Cove ‘Nizam’s. When customers kept asking for recipes, he eventually decided to make and sell his own curry mixes. In 1993, he sold the restaurant to dedicate himself full-time to the Curry Masters business.

He now has an incredible range of more than 40 curry mixes and chutneys – and we are ranging 7 of the most popular ones.

There is a general notion that the more effort required, the better the result. That certainly applies to Prickly Pears: lot of risk getting stung, have to peel pretty carefully – but when you finally start eating, you realise it was worth your while.

The opposite is true for Curry Masters: these would have to be the easiest curries you’d ever make, and at the same time they produce restaurant-quality meals.  The Butter Chicken in particular is as good as, if not better, than what you’d get in a good Indian restaurant.

One of our younger 13 year old Harvest Hub members who cooks, Jaz, is a bit of a self-confessed Butter Chicken advocate and tells us, “Only one local Indian restaurant makes good Butter Chicken but Curry Masters is better and I can make it really easily.”

The range includes Butter Chicken (coloured & non-coloured), Rogan Josh, Fish Goa, Tandoori Masala, Lamb Korma, Biryani Masala, Mixed Vegetable and Vindaloo.

Click here to look at how to make the Mixed Vegetable dish. You won’t believe how easy it is.


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