Watermelon Fundraiser

Watermelon Fundraiser

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A Watermelon Glut.

We can help a Hunger relief agency and farmers by purchasing their watermelon this week.

Buy an extra for school or a friend.

50 cents in every $1 will go back to the Hunger relief agency.

Background: The one thing that has bucked the current trend of price increases due to the floods and heavy rains across South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Central NSW is watermelon, due to an overlap of NT and QLD growing seasons.

This is causing a few headaches for farmers, with falling prices and a glut of fruit. Bear in mind, this is coming hard on the heels of the rockmelon salmonella outbreak in August (not Harvest Hub growers) which resulted in plummeting demand for rockmelons. So many melon growers are seeing their incomes drop by more than half.

So when one of the food relief agencies called us to help shift 50 tonnes of excess watermelon, we didn’t hesitate. We delivered nearly 1 ton to the Salvo’s in Ivanhoe for distribution, and hope to sell a few more to our members – with 50c in every dollar donated back to the relief agency and affected farmers.



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