We'd like to think we're making a difference - to getting people to eat healthy and to appreciate new and unusual foods; for kids to understand where the fresh produce comes from, and to get them excited about picking up the weekly surprise bag; and to encouraging members to do their bit in helping those who are less fortunate.

But don't take our word for it! Just listen to our members instead...

Member Feedback

Thank you for such a convenient way to have had quality produce in our home for such great value; we've loved our Harvest Hub deliveries.

I'm writing to let you know we will be suspending our order for three months whilst overseas. We will be in touch once back to get going again- if there's room for us - everyone wants to be in on it up here.

My five year old daughter, Sascha is loving her toffee apple - she told me Easter Bunny brought it.

With Thanks and Best Regards,

Emmie C, Scotland Island

Hi Jane,

Quite useful you guys having a week off - shows me what $17 actually buys at the shops - nothing!


Meredith B, Thornleigh

Totally loved the bag this week, great value, excellent produce and so much! I was so pleased at how full my 'small' bag was! Thanks again. And with only 7 bags to pack this week it only took me 30 minutes, very civilised! Though will try to make my hub a bit bigger, got a few family members i am working on...

Jay E, Hornsby (Hubster)

Also just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Harvest Hub - the quality and quantity has been fantastic and we really enjoy the surprise element of "what's in the bag.." each week. Thank you!!

Best Regards,

Louise M, Mona Vale

The tomatoes ripened like you said and are now a lovely full red colour, yet to taste them but they look great. It gives me great confidence that you guys are so knowledgeable about this produce.

Thanks again,

Dean S, Manly


Received my 1st delivery this morning - absolutely thrilled! Everything in bag we eat and great value and so well organised!

Thank you so much. Looking forward to future deliveries.

Jenny D, Westleigh

Hi There

I would like to add a fruit top-up to my order for this week if that is possible - just to try it out. I find I have lots of vegies that we are getting through - which is great! I am definately using more vegetables than I would otherwise amd so thats great for my kids...but unfortunately I feel like I am rationing fruit!!

I would like to try a fruit top up this week...Last weeks (week ending 20th) looked great!!

Bree S, Baulkham Hills

I have been delighted with the produce, and look forward to the next bag. Please, no oranges this week as we have an orange tree. How soon on Wednesday can I pick it up?


Linda B, St Ives Chase

Dear Jayne, Anton and Anthony

We are so happy with your service and keep spreading the voice amongst our friends (3 of them joined the club recently after we told them about you - Paul&Jane, Sabrina&David and Lisa&Axel). Keep up the good work!!

Best regards,

Martina C, Queenscliff

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I would like to have my current order of the small bag plus fruit top up to be my ongoing order please.

We are so wrapped with the fruit and vegies we have been receiving from you. It's been a great selection and quantity for the price we are paying and I just have to go to my side fence as Kris just drops the bag over the fence for me when she's filled it - too easy. Love the recipes on the web site too - they really help with the things that we get that we're unfamiliar with. Haven't tried any yet but once I get up the street to get some rolled oats I'll be trying the persimmon (hope I've spelt it right) cookies. I'll also be telling my friends about your company and hopefully will get a few more people on board.

Thank you for a great service that I will highly recommend to all my friends.

Natasha S, Berowra Heights

Hi Harvest Hub,

Thank you for this confirmation email about switching hubs. I will drop off my bag to Michelle tomorrow.

I have really enjoyed the fresh produce this week, especially the Fuji apples! I look forward to seeing what's in this week's bag.


Emma M, Narrabeen


I picked up yesterday and it is beautiful produce. Very fresh and nice. I need to add another item to my list of not wanting, cereliac. No one in my house likes it, sorry.

I'd like to continue with you. Can I get a banana top up for next Thursday?

Thanks very much,

Sue W, Thornleigh

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to copy some feedback to you....

Debbie says - "Hey Rachel - the f & v were great - will use everything - even the grapefruit - decided to buy a bottle of bubbly tomorrow and juice the grapefruit in it - do you know what the top of fruit was like?? Thanks for organising again :)"

Jen says - "Rach - I was so excited to open up my bag! Absolutely fantastic the stuff I got. We will eat it all! And I love how organised it all was - I even got to work on time. So thank you so much Jen"

Looks like Tracey is reconsidering but I would say the other girls will spread the word....

All ran really smoothly this morning.


Rachel M, Westleigh (Hubster)

Hi Jayne and team

The mandarins are absolutely divine-Beautifully sweet and soft. Thank you very much.


Lakshmi C, Hornsby

Hi there

Thanks for all the lovely fruit and veges - quality, quantity and variety has all been fantastic lately. We will be away in the holidays so can we please suspend our bags for Wed 6 July and Wed 13 July?  Back to normal Wed 20/7.


Trish M, North Balgowlah

Hi. Just a quick note to let you know those snow peas last week were beautiful. My kids love eating them raw and so did we. Look forward to having them again.


Fiona D, Thornleigh

Thank you for my 1st bag. I was very impressed.

I have deposited $31. Into your account.

The extra $1 is a donation towards the bag we give the soup kitchen in manly.

Thank you very much

Trish N, Manly Vale

Hi Harvest hub team

I received my first bag today and loved it - thankyou! I'm looking forward to many more.


Kristen E, Thornleigh

Love all the recipes each week. I try to save the recipes but are you able to put them into categories on the website or even give us search section?

Just got to say love the bag each week.

Vanessa M, South Turramurra

Hi Jayne

Small bag going well for our small family, loving the hub and telling many others about it!

Can I please add 6 free range eggs to our order each week too? Please confirm additional cost of $2.25 and I'll increase our bank transfer appropriately.

Thanks, have a great day, Regards

Gillian K, Frenchs Forest

Hi Harvest Hub Team,

I would like to continue. I was very impressed with the great quality fruit and veg in my box.

Kind Regards,

Jae G, North Parramatta

Hi, I accidently paid you the $7.50 (i pay extra for my eggs and banana top up) TWICE last week so have not paid it this week so it equals out. I will pay it as normal next week. Hope this is ok
ps I am LOVING harvest hub Im so glad I decided to do it. Thankyou.

kind regards

Amanda J, Terrey Hills

Dear Harvest Hub

We are absolutely loving your fruits and vegies but I'm worried that we can't eat them all.

Is it possible to cancel just for one week, do we then have to re- join?

Or maybe we will just downsize to small bag, Please advise

Karen F, Hornsby Heights


Many many thanks, this service now makes my shopping experiences that much less painful, and I have a nice variety of fresh fruit and veg to entertain my taste-buds (yes you can quote that if you would like). Regards,

Russell S, Lane Cove


We were very happy with our fruit and veg although it was a bit more than I think we can get through in a week. Especially as I still had some fruit & veg prior to the first delivery. So I'd like to please request to change to a standard bag. We will see how we go with a standard bag.

Thanks very much.

Patty G, Wahroonga

Perfect! Thank you!!!! Wouldn't know what to do without my HH!

Abelia H, Balgowlah

Thanks Jayne, we are really looking forward to Harvest Hub again. (Your competitor just wasn't up to the same quality or quantity as Harvest Hub).

Have a good weekend,


Mel C, South Turramurra


Even before the newsletter arrived, I wanted to write to tell you what a super bag it is this week - best ever. We just love everything in it and the value is outstanding. Now that I've read more about what's in it, especially the story of the orange farmer, I love it even more. And the oranges are the best I've had for a long time, I'm about to make the orange coconut cake.

So thanks again for all your hard work,

Ingrid B, Wahroonga

Hi Jayne and team

I was super impressed with my fruit and veg last week.

Still enjoying it and particularly impressed with how the pears and avos ripened within a few days - something I never quite manage to achieve- and perfect for the 'weekly' shop.

Helen W, Manly Vale

Hi Team,

I sent an email a few days ago about holding my order for the next two weeks (27th Sept & 4 Oct) as we're away.  I hope you received it.

I love your products - they are so fresh and such good value. You're doing a great job!


Kathy T, Avalon

Hi harvest hub - can I say how much I love what you do.

This week I'll be paying for the eskies for (...) and (...) (names withheld) but can I stop (...) box for this week as she is on holidays. Thank you

Crystal F, Manly

Hi dear H/H Team

We'd like to suspend our order for this week only, resuming 6 October.

Thank you for your great service - we love the quality and variety we receive each week.

All good wishes

Rosemary S, Thornleigh

Am so glad I switched to harvest hub - best fruit and veg I've had in a long time. Thank you for sourcing the great produce.

Anne S, Normanhurst

Hi, Thank you very much for great bag of produce. We are so happy with this service! I have just transferred the money.

Is it ok to get my bag again in 2 weeks, being wednesday 2/11/11


Danielle S, Narraweena

Hi Jayne!

I'm really happy with my first box of Harvest Hub fruit and vegies! They are SO fresh and tasty!!

I'm looking forward to getting my box of goodies each week.

Thank you also for the recipe suggestions sent in the 'What's in the bag this week' email.

Have a great weekend!

Nadja C, North Ryde

Thanks so much! The nectarines are already all gone, the kids loved them. We had a beautiful fried rice last night packed with vegies and I made pesto with the basil so that's on the menu for tonight. We have been very happy with the Harvest Hub bag each week.

Amelia J, Warrawee

Hi there Happy Harvest Hub Team

I was pleased with my initial box of goodies which I picked up from my lovely hubster Nancy and her hubby last Wed. This week I am BLOWN AWAY! what a wonderful surprise to find so many fine, fresh and simply fabulous fruits and vegies waiting for me at Nancy's. I couldn't be happier with ur produce or ur service. I am taking ur brochures into the school where I teach tomorrow, so they can check it out too.

Thanx heaps!

Robyn C, Ermington

I couldn't be happier with the fruit & vegies we receive each week. Great variety & extremely good value. I'm saving a fortune.

Meredith M, North Turramurra

Great service in these busy times of constantly juggling work and family life! To receive quality produce at wholesale market prices without having to go shopping - what more can a busy mother ask for?!!

Julie M, St Ives

Harvest Hub provides fresh fruit & veg at prices well below supermarket retail price. It saves me time in the shops as well as reducing the need to go to the shops as often.

Sue F, Turramurra

I am really pleased with our Harvest Hub experience so far. The value is excellent and the freshness of the produce beats any store that I have bought from. This means the food lasts so much longer in the fridge. Also, I love saving the time spent at the shops. Each week is a nice surprise to open up the box and see what goodies Harvest Hub has delivered!

Michele B, South Turramurra

We've a family of four and have been receiving the standard box from the beginning. The F&V are fresh and of excellent quality - and there's always a lot of variety. There's good flexibility within the service - I'd recommend it.

Maureen O, North Turramurra

Great value for your money & I know I always have fruit & veg in the house & makes us eat healthier.

Sue R, Turramurra

Our whole family looks forward to what's in our box each week and we especially enjoy treats like cherries & berries which I don't often buy because they are expensive. I love the variety & it keeps me creative in the kitchen.

Angela C, North Turramurra

It has always been important to me to choose my own fruit & veg as quality is a major priority for me. So I was a little apprehensive when I received my first box of goodies from Harvest Hub. What a pleasant surprise it was to find so much variety, and the produce was all fresh and beautiful. Add to that the personable and friendly service and your weekly outing for fruit & veg becomes one you really look forward to.

Teresa L, Epping

It is a great service - I really enjoy the opening of my box and seeing the various fruit and vegs. Although I don't choose them, I really enjoy them very much. It is like listening to the radio and getting interesting songs where you probably have the CD but it feels good to hear it put for you. Good luck.

Hanada T, Ermington

I have found Harvest Hub to be very reliable with excellent communication. They are open to suggestions and quick to sort out any queries. The quality of their products and service has been very good and if you eat plenty of fruit, salad and vegetables and enjoy variety, then I can definitely recommend them.

Eileen B, Turramurra

Very convenient and reliable. I know it is run by people who care so I trust their product.

Sue H, North Turramurra

Harvest Hub: great food that doesn’t cost the earth